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Fill your brain with better food at the Longevity Zen of Health.
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where there are minimal changes made to each succeeding website:
You'lll find hundreds of thousands of Mr Shortcuts creations.
You're going to cackle with laughter over the coming weeks,
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Affection?       How's THIS for affection?
Many hundreds of thousands of pages within and without the Longevity Zen of Health ,
all from a single pair of hands, individually tweaked and refined and edited,
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People like you are worth it. Never mind how I know. It's transparent.
How funny that you'll see and accept evidence of broken records,
and still don't want to accept that it's transferable.
The sweetest factor of my demonstrated brilliance,
above all of the deliciously fulfilling facts,
is the knowledge that you can do it, too.
Energy cannot die, only get reshaped.
This is not scientific hoo-ha.
All energy is transmitted.
Here, it is for you,
it is to you.

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Each time you got someone else to fulfill your will or desire, you proved you knew.
Now that you have the skills to think more clearly when and where you choose to do so,
swim deeply in the waters of the Shortcuts Way of Living, your own Shortcuts Way of Living.
Everything you know and everything you have ever learned can be combined - with your experience!

NOTHING can speak as loudly as your actions. Make the Shortcuts Way of Living completely your own.