Top Doctors are those who insist that YOU participate.
Dr. David Cohen welcomes you to what is intended to be YOUR healthiest website, The Longevity Zen of Health ,
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This is one of the best places to learn more about how top doctors in America really think,
the ones who have inordinately high rates of success helping people to help themselves.

Empirically and mathematically, top doctors are those who promote the body's healing itself
BEFORE seeking toxic chemicals, because toxic chemicals can never be as healthy or safe.
Please separate opinions and emotions from fact and experience. Numbers don't lie.
Top doctors understand and appreciate that the human system has the necessary tools,
and that the use of extrinsically introduced chemicals ALWAYS come with dangerous side effects.

Top doctors believe in helping people to help themselves, involving them in the decision-making process.
This description, when applied to David Cohen, makes him a likely candidate for "Best and Most Effective Naturopathic Physicians in America."

Should you be looking for the top doctors in Brooklyn NY or the top doctors in alternative medicine,
perhaps the best doctors in America for naturopathic or ayurvedic or even homeopathic medicine and remedies,
look no further than David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC. You don't even have to call him for a consultation or Bodyscan.

There are now THOUSANDS of great websites, helping us all to help ourselves and each other.
LEARN MORE! Then, when you go to your doctor, the two of you can arrive at better decisions,
because two heads are invariably better than one. This is your head we're talking about.
This is your life and the lives of those you love. Use your head more.
Learn more.     Live more.     Give more.

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Should it be true that David Cohen is one of the best doctors in natural medicine, one of the top doctors in homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine, then it means he is more effective than all of the top doctors and best medical doctors in America. How can one argue with the fact that doctors in America are killing some six thousand patients per week just with their errors
(See front page of JAMA in, I believe, Aug of 1998 or thereabouts. They, as well as a similar story in Lancet,
the most respected British medical journal, detail how doctors in America, the supposedly best doctors in allopathic medicine and surgery, are literally killing up to six thousand patients per week in the U.S.

Remember what you call the medical student who graduates last in his or class.

Dr. Cohen has never killed anyone, at least that we know of, chuckle, chuckle. He uses over 30 years of study and experience, combined with a hugely effective array of advanced technology. From Bodyscan and QXCI, to Rife and mineral infrared therapy, and so much more, he is earning his way into the ranks of "History's Top Doctors of All Time." Whatever his personality challenges, his success rate is simply remarkable. "Top Doctors" is a stong phrase, and results are the best proof.

Together, his wisdom, experience, technology, and consistent success in healing people -- whoops, to be more accurate -- his success in helping people to heal themselves makes him more of a top doctor than adozen of the top doctors or so-called "best doctors in America."

You've reached what is certainly the largest website ever developed,
including Five hundred thousand unique web pages,
countless mirror sites containing literally hundreds of thousands of duplicate or near-duplicate pages,
spread across some four hundred and fifty servers all around the world.
Every page was created, edited, uploaded, and promoted,
by the hands of Mr-Shortcut,
free for your life,
for YOU to succeed faster.

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Top Doctors Indeed

In this section, called the Longevity Zen of Health , hosted by Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
we focus on what we would expect all top doctors to focus upon, healing naturally.

Unfortunately, those we often consider to be "top doctors" are only focused on their own enrichment.
As little as three in every one hundred of these so-called top doctors... really ARE top doctors in their fields.
These are noble humans, and are worthy of our applause and appreciation.

As far as alternative medicine and naturopathy are concerned, Mr-Shortcut has seen ample evidence that David Cohen,
with no formal medical training,
may well be the top doctor of all top doctors in America, naturopathic or allopathic.
He states that 99% of what he knows comes from people's actual experience as well as the decades of non-stop learning.

Learn more, and live more. Dr. Cohen and Mr-Shortcut both want YOU to live longer and stronger,
for you to live healthier and happier, and wealthier.
Whether or not Dr. Cohen ranks as one of America's top doctors, particularly among the best naturopathic doctors,
well, that's up to you to decide. What IS certain is that he doesn't pretend to heal or cure or even diagnose.
Using technology, a lifetime of study and application, and simple observational skills,
Dr. Cohen and the Bodyscan, the SpectraVision, and other devices, offer the healthiest
and certainly the safest way to go about healing yourself, healing yourself naturally.
That's why Dr. Cohen should surely be nominated as one of America's top doctors,
if we ever have such a "contest."
Learn more to live more.
Be well.

Welcome to the Longevity Zen of Health , the healthiest website I have seen lately,
and the largest naturopathic website that has ever been created thus far.
Enjoy. all one million pages and beyond are free for your life,
with love from
Embrace and benefit from the healthiest website in the world, hosted by one of America's top doctors in natural medicine,
and among the top doctors in homeopathic as well as other alternative medicines and disciplines,
David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC
You cannot get to a healthy old age accidentally.
Better decisions, repeated, produce better results.

Learn more in order to live more, at the Longevity Zen of Health ,
hosted by Dr. David Cohen, one of America's best naturopathic doctors,
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The Longevity Zen of Health , rich with your healthiest shortcuts to Longevity
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Your life is thoroughly and indisputably about to change, rather dramatically.
You do not see shopping carts in all of these thousands of pages, for good reason.
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The multi-billion-dollar value of the Longevity Zen of Health is free for your life,
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Most gorgeous website? That's up to you,
as is the determination of whether the Longevity Zen of Health is your most empowering website. Your wish? Health? Wealth?
Learn more in order to live more, at the Longevity Zen of Health ,
hosted by Dr. David Cohen, one of America's best naturopathic doctors,
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Your life is a massive group of opportunities. Your very days are rich with opportunity,
and the more accustomed you are to NOT using them, the rustier those tools tend to be.
If and after you understand that the Shortcuts Way of Living is your own set of potent tools,
you can use your tools poorly or wisely, you can maintain your tools or you can just let them rust.
Eyecandy is all well and good, and the Shortcuts Way of Living aims to help you make learning fun.
Still, at the bottom of our own personal pages, there is a Longevity Zen of Health waiting, wanting health.
Outside of defects at birth, we are, for the most part, born with all of the tools that are needed to enjoy health.
Good health is a natural state, so, when you make a thousand unnatural decisions, results ought to be no surprise.
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