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Oh beautiful
As a master does, or a millionaire; champion or billionaire,

Oh beautiful, for tainted skies, for mutant strains of grain,
That purple mountain's majesty is just pollution stains,
America, America, When God decides thy fate
There's no chance for redemption now,
for us the world does hate.

Oh beautiful for strength of pride in corporate welfare gains,
thine upper-crust share the spoils of war, however great our pain.
America, America, blacks just don't count at all.
Six million voters turned away, Welcome to Freedom Hall.

Oh beutiful, for freedom's beat, for those who own the street,
where blacks are all denied their due, their vote flushed down the drain, 
America, America,  only three-fifhs of a man,
but bet your bottom dollar that, Haliburton gets their piece

Not Beautiful is the air around Dick Cheney's stench-filled stink,
The past and future President of Haliburton, Inc
Four hundred forty thousand shares, and richer than a king.
Will Kerry have the balls to toss this fat thief in the clink.

Oh beautiful for heroes proved,  handcuffing solider's moms,
for daring to ask why my son, and not thy kin of thee,
Bush Cheney Ashcroft Rumsfeld Wolfie never served at all.
Confirm thy evil ways today by sending more to die.

Oh beautiful, for patriot fears sown by the dollar boys
thine alabaster cities reek,  you've stolen all the toys,
Ten million lose their jobs this year, but your of good high dollar cheer
With Kmart owning all the stores, why do poor people make such noise?

Oh beautiful for specious wars that feed the fat boys well,
thine alabaster cities bleed, we're drowning in our tears,
America, America, thy jobs fly overseas,
But Haliburton Enron sleaze can do just as they place

Oh beautiful for bloody stumps, eight thousand arms and legs,
thy children walk to VA sites, then find they have to beg,
America, America, thy sons and daughters go;
two hundred thousand civilians gone,
Well, who will cast their votes?

Oh, Beautiful for all the years,
for rent and mortgage fears,
the time has come for liberty
at cost of cleansing tears.
America, America, rise up, protect the day,
you're all we have to take things back
to save the USA.

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  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!
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