Welcome to the largest naturopathic web site in the world, because your life is that important

Welcome to the largest naturopathic web site in the world, because your life is that important

Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D.

 " The BodyScan™ 2010 is one of the most unique electro-dermal biofeedback instruments available today. Unlike many of the other electro-dermal systems currently in use for measuring the human bioenergetic stress response to many allergens, chemicals, nutrients, homeopathics, and other vibrational remedies, the BodyScan™ 2010 has the capability for "practitioner-independent" testing of patients (in addition to the more traditional acupoint testing approach). 

   The ability to measure energetic stress reactions to hundreds (and potentially thousands) of remedies and environmental stressors, without the subjective input of the "tester" makes this a unique system. Of course, electro-acupoint measurements of key acupoints by the system provides further confirmation and refinement of the"passively-acquired" bioenergetic data.   
In my own BodyScan™ 2010 system, I have found it to be highly accurate in pinpointing significant problem areas to focus therapy upon in patients whose illnesses have not responded to more traditional medical approaches.

   Much work has gone into perfecting and refining the system by the caring people at Phazx Systems, Inc. including extra efforts to stay within FDA medical device guidelines, making this an ideal system for health care practitioners seeking to extend their medical practice to encompass a more "vibrational approach" to promoting good health. While it is still important to use clinical judgment in "weighting" the bioenergetic stress response data provided by the BodyScan™ 2010, this system is one of the best available for this class of biofeedback technology. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Richard Gerber practices internal medicine near his home in Livonia, Michigan. His book Vibrational Medicine has become the definitive text for energetic medicine. He is a popular international teacher.

Although there are quite a few EAV-type/EDI systems out there that can test the body for compatibility with different homeopathic remedies, one of the best EDI systems I have found is the BodyScan™ 2010, produced by Phazx Systems.  One interesting advantage of this system is that in addition to allowing “traditional” Accupoint testing, the device also has a “practitioner-independent” mode of testing in which patients are hooked up to the system via special wrist, ankle, finger, and headband electrodes (essentially eliminating the practitioner from the information-gathering loop).

   While the patient is hooked up to the device, the body’s bioenergetic-stress responses to hundreds and thousands of remedies, environmental chemicals, nosodes, and other agents are taken in a completely automated fashion.  Remedies and homeopathic medicines that test positive in this passive screening phase can then be individually checked for acupoint response during a second, more traditional acupoint-probe testing phase (which is also able to best determine the homeopathic potencies that will be most appropriate for the body).

   The device is FDA-registered as a Class II Medical Device (which means that the practitioner can use it mainly as a “biofeedback device” to determine the body’s bioenergetic-stress responses to different agents).  The prescription of specific homeopathic medicines by a practitioner using such a device is not solely based upon feedback from the instrument, but more from the clinical interpretation of the bioenergetic profile of the individual that the device presents along with other clinical information.  The people at Phazx Systems have done their best to maintain good compliance with the FDA, so this is one of the few EDI devices on the market that I can highly recommend.  Their Web site also provides access to listings of health-care practitioners who own BodyScan™ 2010 systems.

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