More On Shortcuts?

Shortcuts are the way to go, shortcuts pave the gilt-edged road
shortcuts here and, sure, shortcuts there, shortcuts literally everywhere.
Whatever the road you take in life, shortcuts will lessen your stress and strife.
They ease the road closed to Tom Joad, for shortcuts reveal the ways of true gold.
The ways of those who came first, our elders and betters, rarely those of great letters.
These are the people who paved the way, creating shortcuts with each mistake, each day.
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, for who does best surely knows best.
Each will yield our secrets, behind subtle hand, each sharing shortcuts that serve it up hot.
A thousand and more, five times over again, those who do best, can teach all the rest.
Shortcuts for this and shortcuts for that, you'll find shortcuts work for everything that,
you think or smell or pull out of your hat. Shortcuts will work for you this day,
because shortcuts work in every last way. Go ahead. Name your action;
there is a shortcut.
Look for your shortcuts.
the shortcuts that produce,
the consistent shortcuts of winners.
Those who come first prove the reliability of proven shortcuts.
Those who do it better than the rest of us are living proof of shortcuts.
Brush your hair with two hands at once, using two brushes. You shall see.

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We tend to find our shortcuts where we create our shortcuts