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Other sites related to memory and learning
  1. Brain Connection - high quality materials on education, learning, memory, and neuroscience (see Learning and Memory section)
  2. Society for Neuroscience - neuroscience news releases and popular scientific articles (Brain Briefings)
  3. Flashcard software review - SuperMemo is included in the winner's gallery but, surprisingly, its repetition algorithm is described as "rigid", while lack of Leitner cardfile system is considered a negative! The opposite is true, Leitner system may serve user's mental comfort, but it will not meet the retention criteria that are the strongest point of SuperMemo. The review makes a meticulous cross-comparison of all well-known flashcard applications using a set of well-defined predetermined criteria (see: requirements). Note that SuperMemo meets nearly all the listed criteria for determining a "good flashcard application". See also the review winner: VTrain
  4. Mind Tools - everything for the better mind including excellent articles on the psychology of learning, problem solving, creativity, time-management, stress-management, memory training (Total Recall), and links to other mind tool sites
  5. Mind Media - website for personal exploration and self-improvement including:
  6. Memletics.com - integrated manual of accelerated learning by Sean Whiteley available as a paper book or on-line (free excerpts)
  7. Learn English effectively with Antimoon.com - Articles on how to learn English effectively, based on the experiences of two successful learners (both users of SuperMemo). Includes a description of the Antimoon Method of learning English, stories of people who succeeded in mastering English, free downloadable recordings, and a thriving discussion forum
  8. Self-Growth - a huge collection of self-improvement and creativity material
  9. World Wide Brain Club eGroup - Yahoo eGroup whose topics include "Speed/Range reading, Memory techniques, Mnemonics, Number Rhyme SEM cubed Roman Room technique, Dominic O'Brien technique, Mind Maps, The Mind Map Organic Study Technique (MMOST)". Members of the group also post comments about SuperMemo. The group is open for subscription via e-mail and includes a searchable archive
  10. Memory Key - good memory hints and review of recent memory research
  11. Brain.com - a huge collection of material related to learning, memory and aging (e.g. principles of neurobics)
  12. The Memory Page - Page dedicated to improving memory. Excellent articles by Kevin Jay North on mnemonic techniques. Comments on MegaMemory, and various mnemonic systems
  13. Mind Manager - world's best mind-mapping software for Windows. The program allows of exporting mind maps as graphics, text, HTML, and as such can excellently complement SuperMemo in the learning process. Mind Manager mind maps can also be imported to SuperMemo via OLE (see an example)
  14. The Medical Basis of Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, and Drug Use - an excellent popular-scientific text about the physiology of neurotransmitters and their effect on our daily lives 
  15. Creativity Web - Rich resource materials for those who are interested in enhancing their creative thinking including the review of software for creative thinking (Windows, DOS and Mac), links to the official Edward de Bono site, biographies of creative geniuses: Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Carl Jung, etc.
  16. Tony Buzan Centres (see: Tony Buzan's biography)
  17. Learning at Integrated Commerce - Supercharge your brain and get it Y2K compliant: links to Total Recall, ThinkFAST, SuperLearning and brain growth through enriched environment
  18. Enchanted Mind - focus on creativity (train your brain to improve the number of neural pathways), scientific articles, puzzles and tests, links to other sites (including SuperMemo), and ... lots of humor
  19. How to Study - a huge compilation of valuable links to sites with hints and tips for students in areas such as: effective learning, mnemonic techniques, stress-management, test-taking strategy, speed-reading, note-taking, etc. 
  20. Memory Improvement - compilation of interesting notes and links related to learning. This site also mentions SuperMemo; however, it is presented in a slightly distorted manner. Users of SuperMemo are aware that it does not "take time to keep records of the material" (in incremental reading you only use the mouse to point the computer to what is important while all the learning process proceeds automatically). Neither does SuperMemo require to "know things indefinitely" (the user determines the retention level for a given period of time for portions of material)

  21. Jensen Learning Center - brain research, the truth about brain-based learning and a learning quiz
  22. http://www.gocreate.com - resources for a creative mind including Creativity Timeline and links to other sources
  23. http://www.neurobics.com/exercise.html - a site that introduces and explains the concept of neurobics, i.e. multisensory stimulation targeted at activating growth in the nervous tissue of the brain: When you change to writing left handed, the large network of connections, circuits, and brain areas involved in writing with your left hand--which are normally rarely used-- are now activated on the right side of your brain. Suddenly your brain is confronted with an engaging task that's interesting, challenging , fun and potentially frustrating. Making multi-sensory associations, and doing something novel that is important or engaging to you --these are the key conditions for a genuine Neurobic exercise
  24. http://www.demon.co.uk/sharpsw/total.html - Total Recall. Software similar to SuperMemo: you enter the questions/answers or terms/definitions into the program. To memorize the material you can select from a variety of activities including Flashcards, True/False, Multiple Choice or Written Response. See also: http://www.zoft.com
  25. http://www.rocketreader.com/rocket.html - speed-reading software (testimonials: "I purchased Rocket Reader for my son when he was 11 years old, in the fifth grade. His achievement reading scores rose from the 70th percentile to the 87th percentile")
  26. Language Warehouse - Hints and tips on learning a foreign language (see also: http://www.tlwh.com/links.html)
  27. IQ test in 15 minutes!
  28. Education at Buyer's Index - A collection of e-commerce sites with educational products (including SuperMemo Store)
  29. Amazing Brain - Within the brain and spinal cord there are ten thousand distinct varieties of neurons, trillions of supportive cells, a few more trillion synaptic connections, a hundred known chemical regulating agents, miles of minuscule blood vessels, axons ranging from a few microns to well over a foot and a half in length, and untold mysteries of how—almost flawlessly—all these components work together. This is the amazing brain. The beauty of the brain lies in its incredible complexity. The neuroscience challenge is to transform the mind boggling appreciation of the central nervous system's complexity into manageable proportions. This site has been designed as the starting point to studying the amazing brain
  30. Unforgettable software - mnemonic aid for memorizing numbers. See also: Memorizer 010