Shortcuts Way of Living Ode To EyeCandy WingRaves RingWaves
EVERYBODY Needs A Bit Of Distraction Now and Again

WingRaves and RingWaves, that's why we're here,
RaveWings and WaveRings add up to be clear,
that EyeCandy delights, sweet as they be,
are here to help you build your history.
WingRaves and RingWaves are just a tease,
RaveWings and WaveRings are intended to please.
The end of this rainbow is the Shortcuts Way of Living.

To bring you a bit closer to shortcuts and secrets,
once you taste life's gems, you want to go deeper.
EyeCandy treats only bring you here to this page,
to use for yourself as your own launching stage.
Take off in new flight, with new dreams in sight,
the Shortcuts Way of Living,
to help you take flight.

All that you think, you might know about WingRaves,
all you might see, when you play with new RingWaves,
display mirrored shadows of RaveWings and WingRaves,
since EyeCandy ought to come into each one of our days.

Enjoy the EyeCandy delights of the Shortcuts Way of Living,
including WingRaves and RingWaves, RaveWings and WaveRings,
and many other forms of delicious Shortcuts Way of Living EyeCandy,
including ShapeLinks and Shapetalk EyeCandy, WaveLinks and more.
The Shortcuts Way of Living, because it is YOU that life can now adore.