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The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life Changes Lives Forever

From THIS minute forwards, you embrace the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Your concept of time will never be the same ... ... and neither will your results.
Put away your credit cards; no time to make shopping carts for the first million pages.
STOP thinking of years, months, even weeks or days... it has not worked for you thus far.
Understand that each of your days - and today is the only one in which you can act presently -
has 86,400 separate opportunities called seconds, 1,440 separate opportunities known as minutes.
Up to eighty percent of all the dollars and seconds you spend are absolutely and indefensibly wasted.
As of right now, we change all of that, you and the Shortcuts Way of Living together, changing time.
That's right. From this point forward, your very concept of time must change, and easily can.
The fastest way humans have found to assess progress or success is to measure something.
Be it dollars or minutes or conquests or miles or records broken, results are measurable.
So, we begin with two magnificent shortcuts guaranteed to change your life forever.
Forget working from where you are to where you want to go... takes too long.
We move fastest when we begin at the finish line and work our way in reverse.
Work it backwards and live it forwards, always beginning at the finish line.
The Shortcuts Way of Living promises to be a most exciting journey.
Know that when you think you understand, there is always more.

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Golden Losers and Golden Winners - Is There A Third Option?
Golden Losers and Golden Winners - Actions Tell Us More Than Words!

The Shortcuts Way of Living is free for your life because it is believed you knew all this as a child.
Your wealth is about to multiply; our wealth, actually. You must share it with the helpless.
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