Death penalty?

Too much alike.

Terminating a life?

Have lost your mind?

Killing a human being?

Who turned you into God?

First, that is, by law, murder.

Even if by State, it is a murder.

Anyone doing something so bad,

so heinous you are impelled to kill,

deserves to suffer that much more, hm?

Thousands of days of pained knowledge..

Why would you release a bad egg by death?

Clearly, asking if you've lost your mind is silly.

Of course you have lost your mind, lost in grief.

Ultimately, anger such as this is from grief & pain..

More than anything, anger comes from deep fears.

Which of these is dominant in you? Who cares?

Oppose abortion, yet support a death penalty?

Is there enough light in your mind to see?

Neither you, nor I, have a right to tell a woman what to do.

Realistically, only One can create a life, or rightfully take it.

Your opinions mean nothing until you see the other side, too.

Every time you embrace an opposing opinion, your IQ rises.

Who is it that dares you to tell you this is not perfect truth?

Until you have boosted your IQ many hundreds of times,

you can best progress by heeding those who still do.

Every brief embrace of opposition grows wisdom.

Immediate increases in your broader intelligence.

There is a world of wisdom already within you..

Shine a light into your darker inside corners.

Learn that light is your best disinfectant.

Clean, crisp thoughts yield you more.

Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk,

helping you to help yourself more,

equipping you to help out others,

helping most, the most helpless