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Guaranteed Afterlife Guaranteed Afterlife - ONE-CONDITIONAL GUARANTEE THAT YOU AND YOUR NAME WILL LIVE, if not forever, then at least several hundreds of years. Franklin left the equivalent of 900 of today's dollars to be saved and grown. The 900 was not to be touched, but some or most of the interest on the money could be used to help poor human beings.for generations to come. YOU get the chance to vastly multiply his results with far less money!.

Whereas Franklin allowed the interest to be touched while not molesting the principal sum that capitalized the account, the sweet twist we put on this PowerGem from Mister-Shortcut is that neither interest nor principal is to be touched for the full term, assuring that the hundred dollars will double at least twenty-something times, perhaps as many as thirty or more times. The growth is exponential. Every ten doublings you get to add three more zeroes, and will feed billions and billions of hungry people. Your afterlife is guaranteed to be huge when you use this PowerGem repeatedly.

There are many, almost countless ways for you to invest one hundred dollars long-term, no interest or capital touched. It is all for charity so even if the government does intrude with tax demands at maturation, the sums of money that you personally are generating will alter history forever. That's the reference to you living forever, and enjoying vast fame and laudations in the afterlife. Your effect will for hundreds of years, and so many hundreds and hundreds of millions of people and then more hundreds of millions of people directly benefiting from your action. Such simple action.

For whatever it may be of help to you, every year at my birthday I buy myself another one hundred dollar investment into the future of mankind, with that hundred and its fruit untouched for two hundred years. This way, I'm assured of getting at least one birthday present every year, a gift of lasting value and personal deliciousness.

For those who count the number of children who benefited from Mr. Franklin's largesse all during the two hundred years, we might fairly agree that Benjamin Franklin, inventor extroardinaire who had spectacular failures and successes long before his afterlife began -- in other words LIVING that spectacular life while he was... hello? ... living, living, living, earned his way into the afterlife, and a reputation lasting into the afterlife of generation after generation.

America's first self-made millionaire, meaning he earned it without taking it by dint of force, remains the only man pictured on U.S. currency who was not a U.S. President. How fitting to this document focused on your altering history forever and guaranteeing yourself a fantastically effective afterlife, that the only piece of paper currency in the U.S. that does NOT have a U.S. President is, as you surely know, the one-hundred-dollar bill....

... the precise bill that you are asked and invited to invested in positively impacting and influencing,
hugely benefiting and affecting the course of human history.

Now you've got a birthday coming up sooner than you realize. Break that hundred into fifty payday donations to yourself of just two dollars per payday? That's quite a trade, isn't it? Two dollars per week to purchase a piece of multi-billion dollar eternity?       Whew! Take one hundred dollars and put it into some type of safe-growth investment such as a bank account or savings bond, with instructions that it not be touched for 200 years, then should be used to feed the hungriest people on earth. That's it.

If you wish to follow Franklin's wise advice about putting all of our eggs into one basket, do it next year with a different investment vehicle, maybe a single share of super-blue-chip stock. Two and three years ago, put another hundred dollars each year into yet other savings vehicles, all to be left untouched.

Naturally, you must make sure that the method you use will NOT be subject to "dormancy."

When an account is considered dormant, the bank gets to steal the account and keep your money.

That's why it is important to make sure that the account or bond, etc., is not subject to dormancy.
On the brighter side, you become more powerful when you figure out what that hundred does.

It becomes addictive, because each hundred becomes billions, as in more than one.

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