Alternative Medicines VS Allopathic - Learning More Tends To Lead To Living More

Alternative Medicines Versus Allopathic - Drugs Kill - Alternative Medicines Do Not

Alternative medicines have been around for many centuries. You've heard this before, no doubt. What is the difference between alternative medicines and other features of life that have been used for many centuries? To begin with, alternative medicines have continued to improve, century after century. Rarely has there been stagnation in this particular arena of Mankind's efforts.

Alternative Medicines VS Allopathic - Learning Curve - Do Alternative Medicines Have One?

Anything that you improve even slightly in life, from the number of pushups you execute or the efficacity or quality of alternative medicines or the way in which your children finally develop habits that bring you great pleasure, anything and everything that we improve with repetition, becomes far more than the sum of its parts. It is a matter or question of synergy.

Synergy, as you probably know, is what happens when two and two equals more than four. Mathematically, it does not make sense. How can adding two and two create a total of more than four? That's the point: life does not always follow the obvious path. So too, with alternative medicines versus allopathic approaches. As a result of science presenting us with knowledge of our surroundings, we automatically assign greater credibility to the scientifically assessed or rendered. That's a big mistake for two reasons. The second reason is that greed and other unsavory traits cause many findings and renderings that are wrapped in science without foundation, lending them academic or other credibility in the minds of a majority of any population. The first and greater reason is that there are many facets of life that defy science and everything, literally everything it represents. Let's look at a few examples and then relate them to this discourse on alternative medicines versus allopathic prescriptions and approaches.

Alternative Medicines VS Allopathic - Can We Believe What We See And Think?

If Ben Rich's experience with a purportedly invisible airplane doesn't influence our thinking, look at the C-130. According to every aeronautical engineer who ever examines its plans, with the notable exception of the plane's designer, there is no possible way, aerodynamically speaking, that the plane can take off or maintain flight; it's too ungainly in design, according to no less than hundreds of experts. Yet and still, the C-130 has in fact successfully flown more rescue missions than all other aircraft combined in the history of aviation. It is Mankind's equivalent of the bumblebee. Did you know that bumblebees cannot fly? At least, not on paper. Their little wings are too small and too flimsy to lift the bee's far larger body weight. Everyone who knows anything whatsoever about aeronautical design can tell you that the bumblebee, just like the C-130, cannot possibly fly, according to our known laws of physics. Yet and still, as you know, bumblebees do, in fact, fly, and often, too.

This does not mean that those who use the laws of physics to prove a point are always wrong, and that's the single largest identifiable, reparable problem or challenge in all disputes between science and what may be or appear to be non-science. When a point is raised to refute an opposing position, an undeniable majority of people will automatically accuse their opposers of adopting absolutely opposite positions. Aside from the question of alternative medicines versus allopathic chemicals, understanding this is one of your fastest ways of resolving huge divisions in opinion when fact or logic is allowed to play any part in the debate.

Just because the physics wizard and the laws of physics are wrong in the case of C-130 airplanes and bumblebees and other instances, they're not always wrong; they're sometimes wrong. As soon as there is agreement that the laws of physics are sometimes wrong, there is room for resolution, including the need for you to better grasp the realities of alternative medicines versus allopathic. Science and scientists would have us believe that "modern medicine" at least in relation to medical doctors, is scientifically assured of producing a better result. This position is an absolute. That absolutism is the crack in the logic; the gaping hole between what can be reconciled with science and has proven to be true in life. Inflexible certitude can be and occasionally is the strength of humans who achieve at world class. Inflexible certitude is also one of the more invidious enemies against success in resolving just about any and every human conflict, desire, or intent. Inflexible certitude has prevented a comprehensive promulgation of any of the five or six most pertinent facts regarding alternative medicines versus the allopathic. A closed window allows no air in. A closed door allows no visitors. A closed mind allows no information. Opening your mind means opening windows and doors to resolution. In the mindset of one who embraces the precepts and foundations of the Longevity Zen of Health , this is instant access to the tools that yield the fruits you are most ardently pursuing... or delaying.

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Alternative Medicines VS Allopathic - Numbers Do Not Lie - Only People Do

As it relates to alternative medicines versus allopathic, numbers are your best bet. Wanting to believe in Grandma's home recipe is all well and good; patterns are more reliable. If that home remedy worked most every time you used it, it's silly to stop, as in "If it's not broke, don't fix it." When you can duplicate something virtually at will, especially when environment and circumstances can be manipulated, you have a pattern. With respect to patterns, alternative medicines worked better than allopathic, for centuries. Then came the early antibiotics and some of their derivatives. Excellent helpers. Waksman's seminal work on insulin, Mr. Churchill's live-saving friend with penicillin, and other pharmaceutical gifts to humanity and the animal kingdom helped defeat enormous health challenges, to some extent globally. Then came greed, and the distortion of chemicals for the pursuit of profit and helping people to stay, for example, thoroughly dependent upon insulin for life instead of simply correcting the imbalance that caused the body to stop properly processing sugars and insulin. That's where alternative medicines once again defeat allopathic approaches. Consistently, we see the pattern of alternative medicines working more safely than allopathic chemicals, working more consistently than allopathic chemicals. That's why the Longevity Zen of Health , with hundreds of thousands of pages of research reviewed and credibly extensive experimentation has found alternative medicines to outperform allopathic chemicals.

Alternative Medicines I     Alternative Medicines II     Alternative Medicines II     Alternative Medicines IV

Do you see where the connection is being drawn between alternative medicines and allopathic chemicals?
Of course we want to put our faith in that crisp, clean linen-draped M.D. with a great bedside manner.
Having strong selling skills, persuasion skills, is not an indicator of high quality; quite the contrary.

Alternative Medicines VS Allopathic - Drugs Kill - Alternative Medicines Do Not

Alternative medicines prove to be safer, as show by the Longevity Zen of Health.
Thousands of alternative medicines that produce benefit without side effects.
Learn more so you can live more,

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Alternative Medicines VS Allopathic - Drugs Kill - Alternative Medicines Do Not

Say it out loud: "Alternative Medicines."   The sound of it is attractive.

Alternative medicines may be the way, versus allopathic approaches, removing the play.
Side effects, illness, death and worse, it's just no fun as they empty our purse.
Alternative medicines, safer by far, than all of your drugs combined,
alternative medicines, technologically-boosted,
are finally moving past being misaligned.
Alternative medicines, again and again,
are proving to be safer and better.
Alternative medicines, they're for me,
my naturopath guides me, sticking to the letter.
Alternative medicines have saved my life, more than once, in fact,
forgive me for ripping on M.D.'s who did not,
even at the cost of doing so sans tact.

Alternative medicines are not really all that alternative, you know.
Those natural healing agents which we have long known to help us heal naturally,
used in one form or another in all major and minor civilizations to ease disorder or illness?
They're hardly alternative; they are the natural tools and resources we humans have turned to... eternally.

Learn more about alternative medicines. Get second and third opinions. Heal yourself naturally by learning more first.