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Shortcuts and more shortcuts at
the Shortcuts Capital of The Internet.
What makes these shortcuts so delicious
is that every PowerGem shortcut is universal.
There is no website like The Shortcuts Way of Living,
anywhere on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of delicious free pages,
and throughout these first ten years on the internet, neither a sale nor offer;
never a solicitation or acceptance of any of the generous offers you've made.
The Shortcuts Way of Living exists to help people to help themselves, passing it on.
It doesn't get any simpler than that. We learn more so we can live more and give more.
The more we learn, the stronger and longer and, yes, the happier we tend to live.
The happier we are, the greater our likelihood of sharing with others.
The greed being demonstrated by the few with strength to rise up,
can only be balanced by millions of smaller acts of kindness.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is given unto you,
with the condition that you share it.
That's how to bring it back to you.
Sorry to sound corny in this day,
and yet, the truth is powerful.
Whatever you give and send,
is what you get back again.
It hasn't changed in eons.
It won't change for you.
Learn, live, give.
Do it all again.
Fair enough?