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Never mind the foolish thought the knowledge is power.

It's not.

Knowledge is only potential power.

The hammer you own, sitting on your shelf or someone else's,
does not, in fact cannot, bang any nails into the wall
... at least not until you pick it up and use it.

Your actions in this next day,
your actions in the next one thousand and four hundred minutes,
also known as "individual opportunities,"
which you somehow label as mere "minutes"...

let's agree that whatever you do
in the next one thousand and four hundred opportunties
will tell us if you are a winner or a loser,
louder than any words coming out of your mouth or mine.

How much I hope you will get off your ass,
shut your mouth,

and go for the gold inside of you.

Welcome to the Shortcuts Way of Living of masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead

You do not have to love me; only understand that I love you
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Stop telling us what you can do. SHOW us what you can do.

Better yet, show the most important face you see in any given mirror.

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