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The US FDA --justifiably, in most cases -- places huge restrictions on people or company making claims about healing, including Longevity Zen of Health and supplements or remedies. They also place significant and defined restrictions on any claims about treatments or diagnosis. Although this inhibits advertising, it helps to keep a watch over the incompetents and mountebanks that exist in all industries and professions.

These are the opinions formed after review of hundreds of thousands of pages!
Very few humans can pass a lie detector claiming to read a book or more per day,
for more than ten thousand days..
Not everyone you know all added up together
has processed as much information as Mr_Shortcut.

Shh. Get it from the horse's mouth or get caught at the wrong end of the horse..

MisterShortcut challenges YOU to heal naturally, more effectively than through pharmacological means, and all who accept the challenge are URGED with great vigor of discourse to involve your doctor in this process, because part of our goal is to absolutely get your doctor's fullest enthusiastic agreement that the Bodyscan is one of the five most important health developments in human history.

CHALLENGE: Put any ten diagnosticians into a room. They can be surgeons, GP's, or even diagnostic specialists.
They can all examine you, one at a time, or ten at a time. They can ask you as many questions and poke or prod you for hours and hours.

Now, without saying a word to the doctor or practitioner operating the Bodyscan, have a Bodyscan done. In one hour, Dr. Cohen or other expert in the Bodyscan will read your report, and without you ever having said a word, will not only tell you nine times out of ten what is bothering you now -- get this -- you will also be told what bothered you as many as ten or twenty, eirty years ago, and what your most likely future challenges are.

In no less than 80 to 90 percent of all who take a Bodyscan, the accuracy level of Dr. Cohen or similar expert will be considerably and most definitely more accurate than not merely ANY of the diagnostic specialists, rather, more accurate and therefore more useful to you -- than the findings of all ten diagnostic specialists... all added up together. There is no ethical way on earth to stop the growth and expansion of the Bodyscan's popularity and effective use. We say "ethical" because there IS one problem: there is no justification for charging thousands of dollars for a Bodyscan. It is merely a biofeedback therapy device which galvanically looks at two things:
1) the reaction of each of your organs and tissues to thousands of substances, ie: toxins, bacteria, molds, and so much more.

2) the energetic or energy level of all organs and tissues.

In plain English, if the Bodyscan operator can tell you that you have an extraordinary sensitivity to such and such, and you then remove that such and such from your environment, fantastic improvements can result in a stunning range of human health challenges.

The device doesn't heal, treat, or even diagnose - it simply tells you what you need to do to let your body NATURALLY fight off challenges from simple allergies to major cardiac failure or the whole range of diseases we are known to experience.

While many of us believe that the Bodyscan is the closest thing to a medical miracle since the invention of water, always stick to the fact. Fact: Competent Bodyscan operators can tell you what problems you HAVE had, and may face in the future, based on your sensitivies.
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