BodyScan2010 -- takes the guesswork out of what your body needs, telling you and your doctor more about the current state of your body's health. 

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Live longer, live better, with naturopathic treatments.
In terms of time, health, aggravation, and more, naturopathy IS eminently more affordable, and,
best of all, it's the healthiest way to live younger.... longer.

Today is the best possible day for you to take control of how long and how well you live.

Naturopathic medicine: the ONLY branch of medicine requiring no malpractice insurance.
Makes you wonder why, doesn't it?   Naturopathic medicine:
healing the human body with substances and items that occur naturally in our natural environment.

Every human has a particular version of what is called "balance."
The more time we spend in balance, the more time we have on earth at a higher quality.

Living healthier, living better, living longer, are just a question of better choices.
Most doctors are NOT smarter than you; they only possess more information than you do on medical subjects.

If you have a foot problem then you do not need to study subarachnoid hemorrhages, only everything you can learn about foot problems!
If someone you love or otherwise care for is in the hospital with any kind of cerebral event, such as a stroke,
doesn't it make sense for you to invest thirty seconds reducing a phrase like "subarachnoid hemorrhage" into plain language?

Such is The Shortcuts Way of Living Shortcuts Way of Living,
brought to you by the Godfather of Shortcuts for you to help yourself.

Help yourself at the healthiest website in sight,
with love and the compliments of Mr Shortcuts - CEO of YOUR fan club.

Bodyscan is certainly changing how we view healing, particularly natural healing, with the use of Bodyscan2010, SpectraVision, QXCI, and so many other excellent technology devices of naturopathic medicine.

We believe and hope you'll find this to be the world's healthiest website --- certainly the largest naturopathic website - hosted by one of the best naturopathic naturopathic doctors, and the best information you can gain.

Welcome.   The Shortcuts Way of Living is all about naturopathy and healing naturally with naturopathic medicine. With so many facets to naturopathy, SOME of the many alternative medicine or alternative remedies include homeopathic remedies, Bodyscan and SpectraVision, QXCI, ayurveda, bioenergetic medicine, bodyscans, specifically the Phazx "Bodyscan2010", homeopathy, and so much more in the way of healing naturally.

With more pages than you'll likely ever get to, The Shortcuts Way of Living, often referred to as the "Shortcuts Way of Living " is fairly billed as "the world's healthiest website." From ayurvedic medicine and the aforementioned bodyscans, enjoys expertise in acoustic cardiographs, Rife technology, QXCI, mineral and infrared therapy, and more. Having seen so many dozens of people come in miserable and leave his office happier and in most every case healthier or well on their way, it is my firm belief that, at most, is the world's greatest doctor, and I really do mean best doctor.   At the least, it's just not unreasonable to call him the best naturopathic doctor in America; he has amazed me that many times.

You are urged to learn as much as you can, in order to live longer, live better, live healthier and happier.

These sites are the gift of - and MrShortcut.
These many websites are free for YOUR life.

You are visiting The Shortcuts Way of Living, (and the Shortcuts Way of Living )
designed exclusively by Mr-Shortcut,

focuses with naturopathic remedies applying to nearly every human ailment. Starting with the extraordinarily helpful BodyScan2010, and using Rife technology, oxygen therapy, Bodyscanning, biosyntony (the informal word for Biosyntonic Relaxation Therapy), and the Shortcuts Way of Living, you really can heal yourself naturally. The Bodyscan does not diagnose or treat anything, yet it's one of the most amazing devices ever created for helping humans to heal themselves back to their natural state of healthful balance.

All it actually does is to perform, with exquisite accuracy, galvanic skin response measurements. The Bodyscan tells what you personally are most sensitive to; in every case I've seen so far, those sensitivities were directly related to whatever the patient had come for after receiving little or no benefit from their M.D.   The Bodyscan is THAT accurate.

The Shortcuts Way of Living is all about living longer better, living healthier and living happier, with nutrients and non-invasive devices such as the acoustic cardiograph, Homeopathic remedies, chiropractic alternatives, best biofeedback devices, living healthier longer, herbal medicine, naturally healing, naturopathy, mineral infrared therapy,

Healing naturally with naturopathy. BodyScan is one of the most promising changes in the expanding world of natural alternative medicine. healing naturally,

David Cohen, America's Naturopathic Doctor, Presents the Longevity Zen of Health

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, widely-known as one of America's greatest naturopaths,
is pleased to host many dozens of these healthiest websites, including the Longevity Zen of Health ,
filled with powerfully useful health tips proven time and again to promote living stronger for longer... naturally

If your health has not responded to "conventional" treatment, feel free to call this extraordinaryily effective naturopath.
Despite the growing attention of Dr. Cohen's work throughout a growing number of countries,
callers speak with Dr. Cohen personally at 1 (718) 627-7272

Please have your questions ready when you call... and be prepared to take notes

The Longevity Zen of Health aims to be the world's healthiest and largest natural website.
By "natural website," the reference is, of course, to naturopathically-inclined methods.
From natural remedies such as oil of oregano or olive oil, it's about nutrition.
As well, it is about interference fields caused by each injury or trauma.
Learn to erase them with mudpacks and see delightful, better results.

Make use of this, your largest naturopathic website,
which may qualify it as the internet's healthiest website.   That is left to you.

Richly endowed with your healthiest and wealthiest shortcuts, secrets of those who do more.

Imagine a medical doctor hosting over a hundred free health-related websites!   Not anytime soon, we think.
The Longevity Zen of Health is HUGE -- IE users: Tap any letter, number or character (even upper-case) on your keyboard for more Longevity Zen of Health

Bodyscan is just the beginning, although you WILL have a tough time finding a medical device that works this well.
Medical devices tend to be invasive, whereas the Bodyscan in non-invasive, painless, and simple enough to use.
Fantastically, the Bodyscan does not diagnose, treat, heal, or cure; it simply provides information about YOU.
The information provided by Bodyscan is unique to your body and system, unlike what you may be used to.
Learn more so you can live more, because no human or substance actually heals us, you know:
They can onlyi help us to help ourselves to heal ourselves. Bodyscan is a tool, not a healer.
Most everyone who ever encounters the Bodyscan is terrificially impressed by it.