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Personal Power

When it comes to developing your personal power,
the best methods and secrets and techniques - the best shortcuts, that is - are, naturally,
those shortcuts and secrets and methods that get you where you need to go as fast as possible,
with as much acceleration as possible. Only those methods that work consistently are shared here.

Make it your business to understand that you have huge and untapped reservoirs of personal power within you.
" Shortcuts Way For Life " does not mean cheating or cutting corners that fall into the category of "morally questionable."

You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for, and here at the Shortcuts Way For Life,
the committment to the development of your personal power is as complete as a human can extend to another human.
At no time in nine years of building the Shortcuts Way For Life at an average effort of 18 to 21 hours per day,
has the author, Mr Shortcuts (yes, Mr-Shortcut, MisterShortcut, MrShortcut, and other spellings),
solicited nor accepted any of the countless offers that have come in to be paid for this effort.
While books, tapes, cd's, etc., may be published, the Masters and Millionaires websites,
all nine hundred and eighty nine of them, have been designed to be free for your life,
because you're worth the effort.   Reach inside for YOUR personal power,
make use of that personal power, and you will enjoy the fruits thereof.
Go for yours, my friend, go for yours with all your heart and soul,
because if YOU don't use your personal power for dreams and goals,
you can bet your weekly paycheck that someone else will.