If And Only If You Want Your Child To Be A Genius

This PowerGem works with every child candidate for genius.
It is based on principles that you are, in all likelihood, too old,
and, much worse, too set in your ways to comprehensively employ.

The first feature that you have no clue of, and may not even be able to understand,
is the most primal or primary understanding of time, as in New Year's or birthdays.
Failure to treat every day as if it is the single most critical day of your life? No, no.

If you were paid a full week's income for every day you treated as if it were your last,
how many days in the next month would find you taking advantage of such an offer?

Those of us who do it 300 or more times per year, every day rich with broken records,
ask you to give your children better tools with which to multiply the assets they earn.

In one day, or even a month or three if you like, training your children with this PowerGem will change their lives.
They will not only cost you far less money than they are now on track to do, much more, it multiplies their wealth.

For as long as they live, your children will be good or great at whatever they are trained to do, if they also love it.

For example, for the parents who are smart enough to allow their children to make many of their own decisions,
empowering them to learn how to make better decisions by allowing them to make bad decisions, of consequence,
means that adulthood shows them to have strong, repeatedly-practiced skills in the science of good decision-making.
So, too, with the magical secret of this money PowerGem to teach your child to be a genius, and no less than a genius!
Most parents, not being so bright, insist there are good reasons why they have to make every decision, rather than teach.

Have your child, FROM THE AGE OF FIVE FORWARD, create a virtual budget, on paper or computer, with income and outgo.
They have a budget of x number of dollars, and have to pay for rent, electric, and everything else you are currently paying for.
Within 100 sessions of working on it, even a few minutes each, they will realize that you are not a bank, and so, so much more.

The entire course of your child's life, and how they handle money, including their expectations from you, are changed forever.
This works approximately one hundred percent of the time, as long as you stick with it by encouraging them to do so, each day.
Do not wait until your child is seventeen or twenty before thrusting heavy, life-long decisions on them. Let them learn as we go!
Teens who have years of experience understanding income and outgo, who have learned how to earn cash for extra interests,
are so far-better equipped to enter adulthood with their decision-making skills finely honed. Go ahead, build your genius!

Building your genius
via Shortcuts Way of Living

Build your genius, when you build your child,
no fears it will take more than a little of your while.
Build your better genius, please build up your better genius,
the greatest of what children present us, how they ultimately need us.
So let us build their genius NOW, instead of hoping it might show up some day.
Build your genius today, build your genius now, the Shortcuts Way of Living shows us how.
When you build a house, you have a plan, written and studied with great care, right?
when you build a resume, you do it in writing, never sadly, always keeping it light.
When you build yourself a wedding, every detail is written with great precision,
and the wedding succeeds most of all because, you planned out each decision.
When you build your own genius, is it different from building anything else?
When you have a plan, preferably in writing, you tend to mostly succeed.
When you do not have a plan, it is, basically, planning not to succeed.
Building up genius, through your children, or your own inner genius,
pushes anyone to have their children deal with real budget issues.
Without training, there can be no excellence, not now, not ever.
No, things will not "somehow work out." We work them, or fail.
No one shows other realistic choices, so, choose to educate.
You help your children, their families, and even yourself.
Skills that you hope your children will have genius in,
are skills that do not wait for adulthood to first gain.
Build your genius by building your plan, AGAIN.
Build practice, and you will build your genius.
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always presented with another meaning.
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