Chocolate eyecandy, that makes you feel good,
chocolate eyecandy, helping life as it should.
Chocolate eyecandy, is why we are here,
for the shortcuts that change life, with eyecandied ease.
Let yourself look through the chocolate eyecandy, made to tease and please,
use chocolate eyecandy to find greatest shortcuts, so YOU excel, before your deep freeze.

Chocolate eyecandy is really quite nice, when you see chocolate eyecandy as a tiny price,
to bring you here for chocolate eyecandy cheer, helping more helpless throughout the year.
If the Shortcuts Way of Living succeeds in making this the chocolate eyecandy capital,
then the pursuit of wisdom and excellence can include chocolate eyecandy wisdom.
Hidden through are the PowerGems of wisdom that repeatedly yield better results.
Appearances are deceiving. You believe that you are a "fairly good" just of nature?
You believe that you can tell good people from bad people with very little information.
Do you know, for example, that the more dressed-up a person is, the smaller they tend to be?
Not physically, rather, emotionally, intellectually, and in any number of other human measures.
When quality and mastery are your primary focus points, throughout your minutes, hours, days, etc.,
petty concern for appearance is like a circle that continues to shrink into its smallest size of usefulness.
Those many tens of thousands of minutes that many people use up in their lifetimes on their appearances?
Those are precious minutes that can never be regained from the future, only before that future takes place.
The minimum that you need is what is most important. Treasure your resources so they multiply more often.
Everything you desire in life, if achieved by others, is repeatable by you, when you follow their steps.
Stand, speak, and act as they do, and you are certain to repeatedly obtain the same or similar results.
Stop settling for mediocrity. If there is, in fact, any greatness in you, it is time to refine and shine it.
It is time to bring it down to identifying, IN WRITING, just what you perceive your purpose to be.
You are on earth for a reason or for more than one reason. Either the reasons are petty or huge.
It's hard to believe that the sophisticated mechanisms that are you are here for mere pettiness.
Think bigger, and your results are so much more likely to be bigger, repeatable at your whim.

Chocolate eyecandy to bring you smiles, chocolate eyecandy, making it more worth your while.
While chocolate eyecandy may distract and entertain, find it is fine when you glean the gain.

Between chocolate eyecandy you will find great sweet wisdom, of life, and health and wealth,
feed on your success, and then do it yet again. your first, your fifth, your tenth, your twelfth.

So, what do you think of the actual working box of chocolate, and it's not being used for commercial money-sucking.
Isn't that a wonder? Not everything of money has value. Excellence is a reward more fun than expensive toys.
Considering all of the toys I've managed to collect and mostly master, the fun in excellence goes deeper.
Maybe you think or believe that you know better, and as soon as you show better, we will grow together.
Anyone who does it better than me earns instant respect, and my instant silence, watching, learning.
So, until you reach that point, you gain more by speaking less, meaning you form fewer opinions.
In truth, something approaching ninety-nine percent of all your opinions are provably bogus.
This is because you have little or no actual experience, certainly not that of a master.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is a breathing mechanism lying deep within your mind,
brought to the surface every time you desire to do something better or faster.
Using it on purpose for more than pettiness and emergencies is like a wall:
Symbol of strength and providing for the growth of and in our own future.

Do it one percent better, and apply this to approximately all that you do.
Become a master of YOUR universe, with chocolate eycandy and PowerGems.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is here to help you to help yourself.