Truths Of Chocolate Truth
Chocolate truth might well set you free,
chocolate truth, in practicing, the ultimate in liberty,
the freedom to choose the most chocolate of chocolate truths,
let those freedoms ring, from chocolate corners to chocolate truths.
Like Shortcuts Way of Living PowerGems they are, these chocolate truths,
cornerstones and foundations of whatever it is we solicit and seek to build.
Chocolate truths can neither be trammelled, restricted, nor consequentially bound.
That's because, in every society and culture, chocolate truths abound and redound!
Without chocolate truths to build foundational bases for new chocolate truths,
the greedy and wicked pervert even chocolate truths, milked into reduction.
The Shortcuts Way of Living intends no humor regarding chocolate truths,
nor is there much facetious referral to the merit of true chocolate truths.
In all that you learn from the Shortcuts Way of Living and other sites,
know that chocolate truths account for brain-body improvements,
boosting with chocolate pleasure actual physical performances,
beneficially impacting the quality and quantity of such functions,
more than you know, and antioxidant in their chocolate truths.
Please stop pretending to know more, about chocolate, etc.,
until your education and your experience have grown vast.
Once your chocolate truths are accomplished, long done,
then will you no longer be accused of such arrogation,
such unauthorized withdrawals of chocolate truth.
Stop denying your children the chocolate truths.
Cease withholding chocolate truths to family.
Experience more of your chocolate truths,
so you live the Shortcuts Way of Living,
wrapped in the most chocolate truths.