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Well, here's your HUGE chance to accelerate your results pretty close to immediately.

The Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts built for YOU what may be the world's biggest website;
created, as you might've figured, with shortcuts, although it is stunning that he created
more than five hundred unique versions... of each one of five hundred of his better essays,
with hundreds of other essays and chapters for which there are only a hundred or so different versions of each.

You have hugely untapped resources inside of you, and all around you.   That's why we're here.
The goal of these Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts, the goal of the Shortcuts Way of Living,
is no more complicated than you tapping just a bit more into the resources at your immediate disposal;
the resources that empowered masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead...   to get to the top of their ladders.

Now it's your turn.     Let's develop YOUR fullest potential.  

The more we learn, the more we tend to live, and the more we tend to give.   So, let's go for yours.

Never, ever, EVER let a day go by without grabbing at least one or two of your daily tasks,
and treating it as an opportunity - a special opportunity - to produce at world-class,
and you are guaranteed to see better and larger results, quickly.
Make the most of your best shortcuts to success. They're free!
The fruits are as close as the shortcuts you actually use.

Better shortcuts inevitably lead to better results.
Sometimes PowerGems are a bit concealed.
You'll find them between the lines.
Welcome to YOUR best potential.

With your mind in mind,