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Shortcuts Way of Living For Achievement
Learn how to succeed faster with the best shortcuts of our winners and role models

Shortcuts cannot fail to work - we can only fail to use our best shortcuts.
If you examine your own memory banks, which you will find well-packed,
you will find that there is no limit to the flexibility of memory.
Do you know there is no limit to what you can remember?
I've recently taken up the memorization of the number Pi,
and have gone past five hundred digits easily recited.
I have no photographic memory, or anything close.
You are also capable of as much as you choose,
so you are wise to immediately accept this.
Only when you realize that you can do,
are you more fully equipped to do.
Shortcuts cannot fail to work.
We can only fail to work our shortcuts.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
Anything worth doing well must be repeatable.
In order to repeat anything, there must be a decision.
What is needed to impel your decision to abandon mediocrity?
When you put the four-dollar coffee money back into your pocket,
you find thousands of dollars every year from places you didn't expect.
That's not an opinion of the Shortcuts Way of Living, it is a physical law.
The Law of Accumulation so powerfully described by Jack Canfield throughout his work,,
which always works, says that every dollar you place into lockbox "no touch," produces other profit.
At least eighty percent of the time, that extra money or profit is derived from sources you never expected.

Having used this better shortcut dozens of times, Mr Shortcuts passed it on to others.
Each and every person who has made use of this shortcut has profited mightily, and repeatedly.
The fact of repetition is the proof for all the rest of us. Anything repeatable is repeatable by you.
That brings us back to square one of the Shortcuts Way of Living, the basis of all the magic:
If you knew better, you would do better. Since you don't, heed those who do.
Since it's the opposite of costing you money, it's quite painless, too.
Do not pretend that you "need" that four-dollar cup of coffee.
It is only a five-cent cup of coffee, easy enough to prove,
multiplied by the thirty percent going to executives,
thirty percent into advertising, paid for by you,
and only a tiny bit to the one making coffee,
serving it to you quickly and courteously.
Encourage them to find better income,
by buying zero cups of the coffee.
In the process, you get wealthy,
far richer than you are today.
Again, if you knew this,
wouldn't you do this?
So, now you know.
More actions,
fewer words.
Get richer.

Remember that shortcuts cannot fail us, we can only fail to use our shortcuts enough times.
The only luck within the Shortcuts Way of Living is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

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