Castles in the air are wonderful, and bound to be built,
              by those who create foundations underneath them.

Creating Castles In the Air
Shortcuts And EyeCandy
Shortcuts and more shortcuts, blended with EyeCandy.
The shortcuts are universal -- shortcuts to every human task.
The EyeCandy - well, they're eyecandies, leading to the shortcuts.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is not linear, because life is not linear.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is just like the Tree of Life, which is not linear.
The Tree of Life has branches, each filled with different fruits than we find elsewhere.
The fruit you find here, of all different types, are called PowerGems - our ultimate shortcuts.
More importantly to you and your life, and your instant acceleratiobn, they are universal.
That's right, universal shortcuts that work in any and every human circumstance.
You're about to begin the best and longest winning streak of your life.
World-class results are what we reasonably expect from you anon.
The Shortcuts Way of Living will delight you, empower you.
Suspend your disbelief, and try it the better way,
the faster and more profitable way, quickly.
This is how masters and champions work;
it is how you shall now operate.
Let's go for yours.

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