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My job here is not to be politically correct. It's to share the absolutes of dating. Using the term that some people insist on, how to score with the opposite sex. While many women have no need for such, most of us might be surprised to find that a distinct majority of pretty girls really don't know that they're pretty. One of many many gracious mentors in this area, who understand that there was no chauvinism in my desire to become as successful with women as he. I simply adored females and the exchange of pleasure, and wanted to move past all the awkward stages that take up far too much precious time. This particular teacher's school of thought was based on the concept that there is nothing in life, other than the laughter of a child, sweeter than a woman who has "it" and does not know it; and nothing worse than a girl who has it... and knows it. Later, I was to learn firsthand that it's a self-image thing, explained far better than anyone I've read to date by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, America's first major plastic surgeon, who took one of the greatest and also easiest plans for happiness, and slapped it with a weighty title of "PsychoCybernetics." Highly recommended reading for anyone who prefers to live fully or is considered to be breathing. His book actually spawned or magnified several industries, and directly inspired thousands of other books.

For those who need quick shortcuts, it is hoped this will suffice. These methods of quickly getting people to give you what you most want, as always, are founded on PowerGems, the universal shortcuts that apply to every known human endeavor. They're based not only on the knowledge gleaned from reading more than ten thousand books; far better, on successful interactions with many hundreds of gorgeous women; easily two thousand good-looking women; and some not gifted with the joys of pulchritude.

While it is certainly possible that I am not the sexiest man alive, that possibility is too unlikely to consider here. This is the one of seven foundations of absolutely guaranteed shortcuts to success with the opposite sex. Please note immediately that this particular tool is NOT a necessary tool, simply a vast shortcut to having people of the opposite sex respond quickly and with lubricious or priapic enthusiasm, (depending upon your coign of vantage, naturally. We don't want anyone ending up ala Joe E. Brown at the end of "Some Like It Hot," a well-regarded film that starred Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis). There ARE other magical shortcuts which ARE necessary, which are discussed here; we arbitarily begin with one that is excellent, yet not necessary, so can be safely skipped by those who would never dare to think of themselves as sensationally sexy. This forum is all about shortcuts, not psychoanalytic probings of your wallet and putative inadequacies.

People Respond To Power
Act the way you want to be, and you become the way you act.
THAT is one way to learn how to get more dates

Without being too flaunting about it, the ability and willingness to become the sexiest human alive instantly transmits itself to other humans, and a distinct portion of them will respond and affirm your position. Human beings respond to power. It does not get simpler than that.

No maybe's about that one. If necessary, go back and reconsider the previous paragraph. It's not a necessary tool, simply a tool that works with what you might well describe as "uncanny consistency of success" pertaining to relations of the opposite sex. Too many guys not getting enough dates; too many girls not being asked on those dates.

Let's cover each of the most powerful and successful techniques I've personally used, versus those that are merely alleged to be great. We'll dispense with all the others only because it is impossible to strike out with PowerGems, the magical shortcuts of dating successfully, of, yes, "scoring successfully" with women. Guys, you are going to be on a date in the next day or three, and if you screw up, it's excellent, because NO ONE scores a hundred percent, not even I, and you can see by one million unique web pages I've built containing nearly a thousand of my favorite essays. (No, they're not my favorites just because I wrote them; they're my favorites because they contain the wisdom of people who know better than you and I put together), I'm no shy wallflower. I love beautiful women, I love how they feel, how they hug, how they taste, think, cook, and more. I only get one shot in this life, and Man only gets about thirty or forty great social years, so each one must be used to the max. .... and that's where we start.

Before we even get to Number One, it is hoped that we agree there are basics that don't even deserve counting: they are automatic.

- Clean up your act. A girl who is turned on by a guy who is dirty is a pig. You do not want what she has.
_NOTE: We're not talking about coming home with the sweat of a good day's labor; that might be great for both of you. Making a regular diet of it is wierd, and we're not here to promote wierd. The idea is for more people to meet their Mrs Right so that you can both enjoy great love, great sex, great kids, and a better life. - Before you ever make a statement or ask a question of a girl, you had better realize that dating is one of the arenas on earth where substance is far secondary to form. That means that the appearance of confidence is worth more than no appearance of confidence, regardless of what is felt inside. It does not matter if you're quaking in your boots as you ask. Just never let her know it, unless of course, you're seeking a dependancy-dysfunctional relationship, which is never worth the, ah, fruits of the labor.

-- Nice girls are always more satisfying in bed. Sorry, it's true.
My first foray into serious study of this subject was prior to my 18th birthday. I was stationed with the Air Force on an island, Okinawa. My friend and I forayed into back alleys to see our first "blue movie." It was not particularly erotic, quite the opposite, but exciting for the special password and ten dollars each we had to fork over. We met a lady that night who introduced us to the concept of two beautiful females together. Both my roommate and I noticed that both girls had rings on their middle fingers, so we decided to look into it a bit further.

At the following afternoon's blackjack game (there were always games conducted at Security barracks, 911day was a lifetime yet to come, and we still felt safe), we brought the subject up to our fellow airmen, and in minutes, the squadron clerk had produced and outlined a huge chart with a big fat black magic marker. We made boxes for each man, thirty days each. Although everyone accused everyone else of lying, it must be remembered that, on Okinawa, most dates end up physically fulfilling, for reasons not addressable here. There was no doubt about the result itself: The shy fellows enjoyed a dozen or more girls per month; others were far more active.

For modesty's sake we'll forgo giving you the breakdown on how many girls each of us enjoyed intimacy with. We'll just give you the totals on the girls:
More than 200 dates ending in intimacy with a total of 55 women. Of the 38 that wore rings on their middle fingers, 29 admitted during sex that they'd already been with another girl, or had thought about it more than briefly. Of the girls who didn't wear rings on their fingers, only 6 of the 17 admitted to any attraction to the subject.

Months had gone by now, and we'd been laughingly and loosely updating the chart as we'd each had opportunity to do. When we finally had a reunion twelve long years later, it turns out that most of us had continued keeping fairly accurate count. With more than 800 dates "reaching successful conclusion in the physical sense," again the numbers were really high.

of nearly 600 women who wore rings on their middle fingers, more than five of every six said they 'were into it," meaning that an invitation for such an event would be greeted with enthusiasm by those girls. Don't actually remember what the numbers were for the 200 girls who didn't wear rings on their middle fingers, but the thought was planted in all of our minds back then, and at least this person is here to tell you after the passage of a number of years, that nothing's changed. I've always had a special weak spot for girls with rings on their middle fingers (although rarely girls who wear rings on BOTH middle fingers, even when they're gorgeous). That weak spot has been the source of many hundreds of wonderful days and nights, and Mister, you can bet on it: the vast majority of females, by the age of 19, have been with another girl, or thought considerably about it. Something very feminine about two people of the same sex; we're not talking about butchie-dykie stuff; I've always found that to be a bit strong for my liking, as some people don't care for duck, which is a bit tougher, (not infrequently duck may also be greasier). No, we're talking about two feminine girls exchanging feminine pleasure. Man has always been inflamed by it; either lustfully or wrathfully; few are ojbective about it, deep down.

How To Get More Dates
Success in Dating Is Easier at the Longevity Zen of Health | Get More Dates For Yourself

Number one:
In the past 102 days, David has asked 22 women to go out with him. Dean has asked 81. Both of them agreed to keep written score each time they asked a question of getting together that ended with a question mark; meaning, it required an answer. Who amongst these two people do you think has had more dates, and much, much, much more importantly, now that we have a pattern established for each, which of the two fellows will be smiling more in these next 102 days? There is no thought required, do not hesitate. Never mind that Dean is so ugly I wouldn't let him date my dog, I am willing to bet any amount of money that he is not merely four times, rather, he is approximately seven times more likely to have far more dates than David. You don't even get to throw in a maybe!

I am by no means the most handsome man. One of the five most-asked questions of my life is, "How in the hell does a guy like you end up with so many beautiful women?" Can you open up your mind enough right now to see all the way deep down that a whopping eighty percent of these fellows are somehow biomechanically unable to understand that I have never been joking when I respond with, "Well, I ask them to be with me." Again and again they laugh and wink knowingly, certain as bees in a tizzy that there's always "something else," from money or connections to luck or other external consideration rather than the single greatest and most powerful tool for getting the most stunning human beings to grant you your every wish and desire: ASK. ASK. ASK. Keep asking.

By the time I had a hundred great stories under my belt, particularly regarding high-profile females, the desire to share those stories became muted in discretion, another technique you will be learning along the way. Respect is a two-way street, so if you want honeys to flock to you, they open up only as much as they feel they can trust you. The hassles of keeping track of deceptions is mathematically quite a big larger and more plentiful than keeping track of the truth, so it's only in your own interests that you want to keep things straight. It reduces your stress, and that boosts your looks, your health, and your likelihood of success.

You can be tough and considerate at the same time. Small considerations are worth triple their weight in gold, so it's repeated for you to instantly get a handle on how to become a major, serious player in the market of "Ladies Man." Small considerations are worth triple their weight in gold, and that's only twice. Courtesy is a dying art; and while the decent part of me mourns its decay, the greedy little boy inside who loves to be hugged and snuggled by gorgeous women is thrilled no end. You see, for every eighty and ninety guys who are too profoundly stupid to be considerate, there's just one or two like you or I to attend to looking a female directly in the eye and communicating your personal concern for what she has to say. Courtesy is worth triple its weight in gold. Other than small things, everything else is a big thing, and you just ask for that.

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