Dr. David Cohen ND, PhD, MH, CNC,   is enjoying even further expansion of his reputation as one of the world's greatest naturopathic experts.
Do exactly as Dr. Cohen does and you are virtually assured of duplicating his results.
Save time, save money, save yourself appointments and stress and, ultimately, save your life.
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Why is David Cohen one of the greatest naturopathic experts alive today?

It is so simple, it is ridiculous. If you don't mind working, you can match his rate.
Where the typical M.D. is lucky to have a ten percent success rate,
the rate Dr. David Cohen, naturopath, has helped people help themselves,
to help people to heal themselves, naturally, is above ninety percent.
Going even further in the way of outrageous claims,
the few times that he has NOT succeeded,
it is exclusively because the patient did not follow suggestions,
did not pay attention to fact-based advice and reccomendations,
ignoring powerful and accurate information right in front of their own eyes.

What is Dr. David Cohen's huge secret, boiled down to universally useful simplicity?
In his head he has stored the same information available to anyone on the internet.
In his head he has saved facts that you can access at most every public library in the nation.

In his office are found more than a dozen of the most advanced gifts of technology to naturopathic medicine.

When you encounter four, five, even six or more different natural approaches known to address a specific challenge, you need to simply research two things. Determine good answers and you eliminate most of your medical appoitnments now and forever, for you, and those around you, saving enormous amounts of time, money, stress, and, most importantly, days of your life.

1) How often is this approach generally believed to work?

2) Is each approach incapable of doing harm to the body alone and/or with these other approaches?
When you can answer these easy, simple questions in a positive way, use ALL OF THEM simultaneously!

There is no known combination of pharmaceuticals that can do this. NOT ONE. That's why they require a doctor's prescription: without exception there are dangerous or deadly side effects.

You don't need to take seventy-five different flavors of supplement or vitamin or natural food or flower or oil. Narrowly focusing on just what is out of whack in your body instead of the symptom of what's wrong, you are absolutely and unconditionally guaranteed to come up with the best and healthiest returns to balance in far more than ninety percent of all health challenges you can or will likely face in this lifetime.

By shovelling fantastic amounts of information into his brain on just this one area of human interest, David Cohen has done this work for more than thirty years, personally pursuing answers to these questions that make all the difference in the lives of all who have benefited from his counsel. There's no way he can consult with the tens and hundreds of millions of people these health tips and suggestions are aimed at. So, if you can't make an appointment with Dr. Cohen, fix it yourself, because ultimately, that's all Dr. Cohen can do for you: help you to help yourself; help you to heal yourself, naturally.

Did you know, for example, that there is global agreement that more than half of all heart attacks would never occur with even slightly improved diet? "Slightly" is a tiny word. It doesn't mean turning into a so-called heatlh freak. It means considering that if you eat chicken "only once a week," that's fifty times per year, meaning you get fifty separate ingestions of substances you really don't want to know about. It means wondering if just one extra lettuce or cucumber per week or per day will honestly benefit you in at least ten to twelve large and happy ways.

Another example of criminal stupidity based on greed is the use of surgery or prescription drugs to shrink enlarged prostate, something experienced by nearly one hundred percent of all males at some point. Seventy percent of all surgery patients have to wear diapers or never have sex again. Prescription drugs also have a huge rate of nasty, permanent side effects: every single prescription drug for this problem.

Dr. Cohen learned that concentrated saw palmetto shrinks about seventy to eighty percent of all enlarged prostate and does it quickly, while betasitosterol works well and fast in at least eighty percent of all cases. So, Dr. Cohen began suggesting to all such patients that they use both of these natural remedies. Over the years, he has been proven right in more than a hundred cases. Are they world-shaking numbers of credibility such as we extend to a study of a hundred thousand patients? No, at least not until you realize that the percentage rate appears to be one hundred percent. Not one of more than a hubndred patients who has come to him for enlarged prostate failed to get fast and effective relief with Dr. Cohen's natural suggestions.

You can call 718-627-7272 for an appointment, or you can simply research your narrow area of interest. You don't need to learn many thousands of facts about medicine that medical doctors are trained to do. You're not being asked to help thousands of people with scores of different problems. You're invited to do just a bit of research, getting just the referenced answers to the questions posed here. Heal yourself, naturally.

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callers speak to Dr. Cohen personally at1 (718) 627-7272

If it's urgent, dial 1-347-242-1111

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Never surrender your right to participate in health decisions!

Dr. David Cohen would rather see you heal yourself than to call his office.
Healing yourself gets easier and easier when you start with tiny dietary improvements.
With so many thousands of experts for you to "tap into" just online alone,
there is no legitimate excuse for you not taking more control.
This is YOUR life and health at stake, and you are important.
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The payback is tremendous,
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