DavidLinks are designed to introduce you to Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC.
As a leading naturopath who provides you with the world's largest health-related website,
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Two more recent studies, showing that chemotherapy and radiation, toxic therapies,
have, for the most part, success rates below five percent. Five in a hundred?
What doctor dares to deny the truth of this? Against scores of studies?
Sorry; even if a specific natural approach only works occasionally,
"occasionally" tends to mean quite a bit better than five percent.
Employing several different natural approaches to disease,
you dramatically increase the likelihood of healing self,
and, separately, strengthen up the immune system,
versus chemotherapy and radiation, which do not.
Remember that toxic therapies always weaken,
always draining the human immune system.
Natural therapies strengthen our immunity.
Thus, the natural approach is healthier.
That's why Dr. Cohen invites you in.
Come, follow your DavidLinks.
So, help yourself, naturally.

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