The Longevity Zen of Health of Winners and Champions
with the prolific Mister Shortcut, focusing on YOUR accelerated success

It is so simple that we don't see the forest because of all the trees.
Power and resources galore at your immediate disposal,
and you're too busy complaining about the obstacles in your way to even be ABLE to
focus on resolving those obstacles to better access your powers.

The most unfulfilled people are those who spend a whole lifetime getting paid for jobs they hate. This is such a revealing example of exquisite stupidity. You see, how we spend our minutes is a clear preview of how we're spending our lives.   Without any measurable exceptions, each of the fifty-two HUNDRED masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires that I've encountered makes it a habit to make habits.

The easiest way to express is to personalize it. Please replace the following activities with YOUR prioritized desires.

Every single day I try to play guitar and piano, write at least a thousand empowering or edifying words each day, read a book, give service to others, eat delicious food, learn something new about my computer and the available shortcuts; invest at least five minutes for quality time with one or more of my favorite human beings and an animal or two;... and more. Even if it's just five minutes of noodling on the piano, I must have that time, so that each New Year's Eve, each birthday, clearly shows one hundred or more hours per year at my favorite thirty things. Otherwise, any claim to have thousands of hours of experience at something will be false, and self-deception is perhaps the most venal of dishonest practices. If you're familiar with Shakespeare, you've surely heard the phrase, "To thine own self be true."   Keep in mind the rest of that important statement:
"To thine own self be true, and then it must follow as night the day thou canst not then be false to any man." Truth in the critical arena of actual experience means talking a bit less, and doing a bit more. THAT's a fast track to excellence in itself: simply doing every single day of your life or close to it those activities in which you would enjoy higher-than-average proficiency.

Are we on the same page here?

Whether it's finding a way to get paid for doing whatever you love the most -- instead of just having a job for three or seven or twenty years... ...
...or attaining a date with that dreamboat...
...or losing 22 lbs...
....or finding a way to invest in quality time with loved ones...
or owning your own home within 100 weeks...
,,or any other desire you can name... you have instant access to accelerated results.
Sure, it may take a full day or two, on rare occasions more, for you to see some of the results.    In each case, you will experience accelerated results.   Since you're already GETTING results, better use of the tools you already possess can only increase the speed and quality of those results.
The more ardently AND repeatedly that you use the resources already at your disposal,
the faster you will see more of the results your inner heart wishes for.

I know you've got more than 200,000 temperature detectors in your body, 107 million visual receptors of incredible sophistication in each eye; more than 500 THOUSAND touch detectors; 48,000 hi-tech receiving fibers in each ear, more than FOUR MILLION pain-sensitive structures in your body... and literally tens of thousands of millions of computer chips within your brain to handle all that information at a rate that makes lightning speed look like a crawl. With all this and so much more at your command, are you really trying to tell me that you can't double your income in the next 100 to 200 days? Oh, you're a slowpoke, and it might take you 300, or even 400 days. Gee, what a bummer. Four hundred days to make a dream come true... Are YOU capable of committing to a dream come true? 330 days x 15 minutes pr day = 5000 minutes of practice.  Enormous results every time.

"But if I've never done it before, how am I supposed to know how?"

Power Shortcut: find people who are already doing it. Over the course of these thousands of deliciously studious days of drinking in the Shortcuts Way of Living, living and breathing and compiling the Shortcuts Way of Living (in no small part thanks to the Longevity Zen of Health , the first people always pursued in each area of excellence?

THOSE WHO DO IT BEST!   I've been able to study 5,200 of the most successful people in history. Tapes, books, internet, university findings, videos, & more, full time! Throughout this period, I tried to list every commonality I could find in these people. At the same time, I experimented with some of the commonalities in my own life. I was supposed to be in a wheelchair for life, thanks to a drunken driver hitting a van I was a passenger in... at 100+ MPH. It seemed to me that nooobody knows better about how to do something....
than people who have done it. Not talked about it, advised about it, suggested, demanded/offered; no, no, no, we're talking about PEOPLE WHO SHUT UP, WENT OUT AND DID IT.

I specifically looked for people who'd overcome life-challenging physical obstacles. People who wanted something specific, & did it not just once, but numerous times. Boy, was I in for some surprises! (EXAMPLE: Of more than 5000 people who hit the top in their field, better than 93% of our topmost achievers, without exception, had long histories of screwups, failures, and/or inactivity prior to becoming superexcellent). This alone represent the single largest common trait. So already we see instant good news for those of us who tend to strike out a great deal.
Are you surprised to learn that far more than half of all world records are achieved by people who also hold 'opposite records.' People like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Mickey Mantle: three largest achievers of home runs, who are also the three players who struck out more than any other players. Fran Tarkenton had more of his passes intercepted than any other quarterback in NFL history... and also had more pass completions than any other quarterback in NFL history. Even people like me who don't like or approve of professional sports as they are today know that Ricky Henderson got caught trying to steal bases more than any other player before him or since. Although he failed at this one task more than any other player in the history of American baseball, he also successfully stole more bases than any other player in the history of American baseball.
Do you vaguely understand the mathematical perfection here that you can use in the next sixty seconds and sixty minutes to your phenomenal profit and benefit?
It is critically important to your life that you not confuse understanding something with actually knowing something. What you know means nothing to any of us, as you may have figured out by the results you've been getting in your life. What you DO with what you know is fascinating to all of us, when you do it better. For your own sake, slow down a moment here to focus that statement like a pleasant flashlight on yourself: What you know means little to us, what you DO with what you know means a great deal to us.
Would you waste even ten seconds arguing the fact that you personally live in the single richest era of opportunity that has ever existed?
You can now instantly access more than one hundred million different computers in a matter of seconds -- even if you don't have a computer -- you can go to your public library and use the Internet for free.!
If you do have a computer and a phone line, you can get FREE internet service from more and more sources, which immediately ties you to millions and millions and millions of computers, all waiting for your personal tap.
Most importantly, if you want to know how to do something, you seriously accelerate your speed in achieving any human effort by simply duplicating the physical motions and/or actual words of the people who have done it repeatedly.
Don't complicate it: knowing it and understanding it are not the same. The only way to tell the difference is by observation of action. YOUR action. Action taken and action not taken. We call it 'empirical evidence.' It's the loudest of all. Taking action demands possession of good information. Please tell us, who knows better than those who are doing it again and again and again, until appearing to do it effortlessly? Do you really think we believe that you know better than they do? ...Hellooooo?
Answers from the people who've already done it. Do you get it? -- People who have already done it. Sweetheart, it doesn't get any better than the horse's mouth. When twelve different billionaires personally and individually tell you they all had some type of DAILY WRITTEN list AND that they asked people for what they wanted more than anyone else did, you'd have to be stupid to ignore either one of these two obviously powerful shortcuts. When your studies elicit the fact that more than seventy billionaires have made private or public comments that asking more produces more and everything else is just talk, do you have the brains to INSTANTLY start asking more people for whatever it is that you want in life, and asking those people more times each?
What happens when you --- and I literally, particularly do mean you --- when you combine your understanding with the mathematically perfect guarantee from using the 'opposite record' to your advantage? Who holds the record for most misses almost uniformly will hold the record for the most successes.
Mathematically, there's no argument that if you try something ten times in one year, you can't possibly be as good at when you try that same thing 1000 times within one year, yes or no? It's so simple that your brain is missing it entirely. You have all the reasons and excuses. Arthur Marzigliano laughingly repeated on a regular basis, "There are thousands of excuses for failure, and only one reason." He'd patiently wait, and if we didn't respond quickly enough he'd yell, "Inadequate effort, dummy!"
It's the ultimate catch-all and do-all that decides whether you get what you want in life. It consistently and even always boils down to that one question: "Did you do it enough times to get it?" Yes, or no. Either you put forth sufficient effort to make it happen.. ... or you didn't. All else is meaningless, truly meangingless mental meandering of an immoderately myopic mind.

Like it or not, 90% of us, no matter what education level we've got, are so intensely stupid we'll read only one chapter of a book, barely making use of the instantly tranferrable power found in its pages. Ouch.

We know you're smart enough to understand
HOW, I'm merely observing that more than 90% of you are not smart enough toDO.

Remember: It's not what you know, it's what you DO with what you know that determines your success or failure in everything you do from birth to death.

Since you use this huge power every day for minor things, why not apply the same rules to major things? Obviously, power shortcuts produce results: I walk, run, ride my bikes and live each day with passion and excellence in mind, despite being told I'd be in a wheelchair for life.  I've broken or shattered records at company after company. It's not me, kids, it's the Power Shortcuts used by Winners.

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