The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life On Diamonds - Ninety-NONE Percent

Most particularly,
the cost of diamonds,
and the purity of our stupidity,
the unrequited measure of cupidity,
for any of us who pay more than $10 per carat.
Step back, as if you were a visitor arriving on earth.
Usefulness of that diamond in your life will never exist.
What would you use a diamond for, now or ever in your life?
Over ninety percent of all the cut diamonds that exist are in vaults;
in fact, the vaults of just a single company: the price is artificially high.
Stop and give thought to fact. The exact amount you'd spend on that ring?
That same number of dollars is enough to establish & operate three businesses.
at least three separate businesses that will produce whole bags of jewelry for her.
Diamonds are not a girl's best friend. Stop repeating the marketing jingle of a corporation.
Can you really be so gullible? Why would you want to marry a girl who wants a useless chip?
When you invest that same money after your wedding, the education of your children is secured.
Even if it's ten carats, twenty carats, fifty carats, what can we possibly do with a diamond that is useful?
You cannot in all honesty call a diamond an investment unless you pay less than half the current market rate.
Do not think to prove your love with a piece of glass-like rock that you have little chance of personally validating.
Ninety-none percent of all the people we will ever know could not hope to distinguish between real and fake ice.
If you can find a diamond for ten dollars per carat, buy away. Otherwise, do a little bit of your basic mathematics.
The price of that ring, divided into any number of smaller pieces, is more than enough to establish investments.
Whether you invest in a long-term, never-touched account, or the stock market or several small businesses,
surely you're capable of recognizing that they're likely to double every hundred months, consistently.
This is not but an opinion of the Shortcuts Way of Living; it is a long-verified fact of the market.
Percy Ross wisely advised investors to split their investment into twenty stocks, equally.
The only important rule? "Don't look at the stock price for ten to twenty years.
When you return, sixteen of the companies will be out of business,
Two or three of these companies will have made some money,
one will have made you wealthy beyond your dreams."
Of course, maybe you know better than Percy Ross,
who spent several incredible decades of his life
working full-time at a most benevolent task:
giving away all but one of his millions.
If you knew better, you'd do better.
Pay attention to those who do so.
Those who say it can't be done
should just stop interrupting
those who do it repeatedly.
So, let us talk diamonds.
They are a huge scam.
Invest in your future.
The payoffs are big;
also free of blood.
Better to invest.
Invest in you.
Plain dirty.
& bloody.
No, no.

Diamonds, diamonds... not one in a thousand people can recognize them!
Diamonds take up so much time, so it's time to drop you a diamondlike line.
Look at diamonds, for what they are, although your learning is done from afar.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, for those whose thinking is strictly dead-end.
Diamonds are dirty, and gory, too, wraught with the fraught with the blood of her brood.
Diamonds and diamonds, obsess with those diamonds, all for the wants of those needy few.
Six of her kids, dismembered by diamonds, grief you can't capture with mere mindless rhymings.
Diamonds don't cut it, the way that they should, for diamonds heat less than a cord of wood.
Diamonds don't feed, can't be planted as seed, and physically diamonds can serve no need.
Diamonds cook nothing more than books, creating no more use than its endless crooks.
Diamonds are mostly for empty-headed people,who definably live as diamond sheeple,
ready to follow the piper's call, with values as empty as the victims's life at the wall,
begging and stealing for diamonds to wear, diamonds you can't even cut to share.
Diamonds are meant to be worn only by, greedy diamond-whores that demand you buy.
Thousands for a rock that I can never use? That sounds like masochistic diamond abuse.

Diamonds to seduce her, diamonds to pluck her,
diamonds are sold to the libidinous sucker.
Diamonds won't get you what you want,
quite as much as a silver tongue,
so, place all those diamonds
where the sun won't shine,
shower me with rubies,
each and every time.
Minding diamonds
mining diamonds
dying diamonds

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Diamonds? Do you know diamonds are NOT the most valuable gem?
Carat for carat, rubies are worth more than diamonds.