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Disposable toothbrush system

Toothbrushes are havens for pathogenic bacteria*.   Moist, filled with food debris, and never sterilized, toothbrushes are infectious toxic instruments.   Each gram of plaque contains one trillion bacterial cells, making the mouth the most concentrated source of bacteria in the body.   Since many of the infections known to cause heart disease and other conditions are found in the bacteria and fungi found in the mouth,  a clean toothbrush is vitally important to maintaining good health.  

    Ozone and ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizers don't work. You can find fungus actually growing inside the ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizers.  The only solution is to use a new toothbrush every time.  Our disposable toothbrushes use new bio-degradable material every time you brush your teeth.  Best of all, they outperform every toothbrush on the market.  Try brushing your teeth with the biological hazard you are currently using, then try our disposable brush.  The difference is amazing.  

Our toothbrushes do not require toothpaste.  In addition, brushing your teeth with standard toothbrushes gradually wears the tooth enamel away.  Out toothbrushes work by polishing rather then 'brushing' and so the vital enamel is protected. 

*Bacteria are commonly found on toothbrushes:

1.Staphylococcus aureus: or commonly known as "golden staph", which is a common cause of infection in cuts, eyes and ears.

2. Beta haemolytic Streptococci: this group of bacteria includes the bacteria that causes sore throats, and also the group of bacteria that causes dental caries.

3. Pseudomonas species: this organism causes serious eye and ear infections, and is a common cause of "swimmer's ear", contracted from swimming pools and spa pools.

4. Fecal coliforms: a group of bacteria  found in human feces.

5. Candida species: yeast not bacteria.  Causes thrush (both oral and vaginal)

     Dentist Stephen Marks, D.D.S., emphasizes the risks that bacteria on toothbrushes can pose and says that every time a toothbrush is used, there are small breaches or lacerations to the gums even in a healthy mouth and therefore the opportunity for infection is very real.

     100 years ago,  rags were used (and re-used) instead of toilet paper.    Today, such an idea seems medieval and filthy.  100 years from now, people will say the same thing about using the same toothbrush over and over.  Standard toothbrushes represent the single greatest source of chronic infection that we encounter.  If you are suffering from a weak immune system, heart disease, or simply want better health, consider investing in our disposable toothbrush system.

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Natural chelation therapy, as recommended by top doctors of natural medicine,
top doctors of naturopathy and natural healing, who repeatedly prove that we are born with the necessary tools for healing.
Natural chelation therapy is healthier! Surely all top doctors can agree on this:
natural chelation therapy is healthier, natural chelation therapy is safer!