Shortcuts Way of Living Domaineers Shapetalk

Domaineers this, sure, and domaineers that,
we're seeking the domaineers looking for PHAT:
phat meaning sweet, and brandable names,
that domaineers can transform
into profitable domains.

Domaineers, big and small domaineers,
Use your mouth half as much as your ears.
Those who do best at domaineering should know,
which SweetDomains should be tucked into your fold.
Domaineers, novice and expert, buy these cute hyphenated domains,
for then you will know, as domaineers on your own,
profit may be all of sanity that remains.

Domaineers, some young and some old,
are great domaineers of tomorrow's song.
They'll sing your songs, and praises, too.
when they see rich domaineers like you.

To teach domaineers must be why we are here,
to expand domaineering in this and every year.
Domaineering is quite likely to bring you great cheer,
even when profits from domaineering are seen as unclear.
May one-word domaineering become all that you have sought,
since it's one-word domaineers who show us what they've bought.

Buy into time, with learners and winners, earn like millionaires and masters,
make one-word domaining, and multi-word domaineering, secure you from disaster.
If one-word domaining paid the rent, so secondary domaineering may be Heaven-sent.
Domaineering, in case you didn't know, is for domaineers seeking the REAL money flow.
Like a financial prophet, domaineers teach us profit, so buy the domain and quickly lock it.
Make domaineering your play this way, making domaineering pay you nicely from this today.
The Shortcuts Way of Living - a delightful place where domaineers can come window-shopping.