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Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
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Stop allowing other people to decide your outcomes and your destiny.
Destiny means "destination," and you have the choice to determine your own.
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Domaining shortcuts here, and domaining shortcuts there,
domaining shortcuts seem to exist just about everywhere.

Domaining is work and domaining is fun if YOU are domaining,
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so make sure your domaining efforts are reviewable by everyone.

Domaining shortcuts work with honorable search engine protocols,
domaining shortcuts prove you have a strong pair of domaining balls.

Juggle each ball with skill and with verve, domaining shortcuts DO take nerve.
So, if, hubris and confidence, inform your domaining, then domaining shortcuts work,
provided you remember that domaining requires a kind of work you must not choose to shirk.
Uniquity of terminology, throughout all your domaining, is a domaining shortcuts unto itself, it's true,
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As well, such embrasure, flaring parapets of approach will likely boost your domaining results even more profitably.

Domaining Shortcuts Redux Ala Shortcuts Way of Living

Domaining should not be underestimated with respect to its value, educationally, commercially, industrially, financially (personal), and otherwise.
Bill Gates was heard to say, on numerous occasions, that domaining is a wise investment for the future, because the future is already here,
and more, that no commodity in the history of humanity will rise as quickly or as certainly over time as the fruits of domaining will yield up.
Find those who are domaining, find out precisely what steps they are REPEATEDLY taking in their domaining efforts, and imitate them.

Domaining is as profitable as the domainer engaged in domaining is determined to make it be, because domaining is the wave of NOW.
Thus are you so perfervidly urged to engage in domaining, and to use these Shortcuts Way of Living domaining shortcuts for yourself.
Approximately EVERY shortcut shared at the Shortcuts Way of Living counts among the universal shortcuts that consistently work.
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As long as you are willing to help the helpless, you are welcome to continue accessing Shortcuts Way of Living secrets.
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Do not naively believe that mere repetition of "domaining" is sufficient for Shortcuts Way of Living domainining dominance.
Lucky players win money whereas good players earn it Only the good chess players prove again and again to be lucky. What makes you think your life is different? Commanding this one tiny, simple secret unlocks one large set of enormously powerful shortcuts, instantly. In a single minute of genuinely understanding this one tiny set of words, your everything is profoundly changed, all for the better. Yes, there are more thousands of these shortcuts than you thought you knew how to imagine. Each of them is as sure to vault your quality and quantity upwards as the sun is sure to shine. Tragically, because there are so many of them, most of us simply shut them out as noise. Consider the following PowerGem, which easily qualifies among the three most important facts that have already impacted at least eighty percent of your life up until now, and can fairly be expected to impact whatever is left of your life. The most powerful words of not only success, also of wealth, relationships, careers, scholarship, and more? Easy, easy, and you have acted too much the way imbeciles do to tap into it more than once every year or two, EVEN THOUGH YOU USED IT PERSISTENTLY AS A CHILD!! When you wanted that ice cream badly enough, A) You asked for it. That is where fully half of us are too profoundly stupid to succeed at most vital tasks, simply by NOT asking. B) If the day was scorching hot enough, or the taste of that ice cream danced in your mouth enough to move you, you asked again when told "No." When you wanted it enough, you wheedled, begged, threatened to hold your breath until you died, or cried and sulked, or made formal contract promises and offers, and used every method you knew how to manipulate to get that ice cream... ... and when you failed, but still wanted it badly enough, you proceeded onto your next potential problem-solver, such as other parent, grandparent, neighbor, older sister, younger brother, right? Hey, maybe you - to be colloquial - "wussed out" and slunk away without the ice cream... ... and then there were those times that you simply were not taking "No" lying down. No, sir. In those cases, you did what you had to do, and one thing everyone of us knows for sure of that event: You asked more people more times each for what you wanted, until one of them said "Yes!" This whole concept, which admittedly has multiple levels, multiple meanings, multiple uses, multiple benefits, whew, is larger than any other you have considered, or something close to it. You are only asked here to get one level of understanding and meaning. You cannot restrict the benefits thus, because you inevitably get a delicious, growing range of benefits from asking more people more times each. Unless your IQ is sky-high, and you have read at least a book or three per day for thousands of days beyond those most-delicious first ten thousand days of at least a book per day, AND used this PowerGem of such brobdignagian ratio to where you have been and are right now, your opinion does not get the blessings of history. When MisterShortcut entered a room, it was with hope that ONLY the best in that room would be granted unfettered access to silence. Whoever does it the best should be speaking, and all the rest of us need to shut up, shut up. Two mentions of the phrase for two branches. First, for shutting up the mouth, and one for shutting up the opinions for now. Nothing you know, no trick or secret or shortcut or inside knowledge you have ever gleaned or developed in your life comes within a stone's throw of the power of this one magical PowerGem. Just to make it clear, using "ASK MORE PEOPLE MORE TIMES EACH" even on just the one basic, most obvious level of meaning, your life is instantaneously and forever changed as long as you use this shortcut. It is the shortcut that immediately sees doors opening to you that have not been until now. Ask more people more times each! Let's get hyper-potent on this one. EVERY time they say "No," praise or agree with their stated reason, unless, of course, it is blatantly untrue. You are welcome to use it with their untruths, but why bother? Keep life clean, move on to someone who is listening, there are a few billion of us. By lowering a notch those gates we put between us, it is easier to get to why they are saying no, so that you can resolve their objection with an answer that works for both of you. Approximately 99.99% of all human issues are mutually resolvable, although intelligence plays a factor, explaining generational congressional failure. Find out why they are not yet saying yes. Most of the time, "No" does not actually or truthfully mean "No." The proof is in every item sold AFTER an objection was resolved. Your personal relationship fits this perfectly well, because PowerGems from the Shortcuts Way of Living are deliciously universal. PowerGems are specifically thought of and used as PowerGems precisely because they work with approximately every effort they are applied to. "No" most often means "Not yet," which usually means, "You have not yet given me enough reason, enough inspiration, enough hunger or desire... to say "Yes" to you. So, all you have to do is provide them with enough reasons to say yes, enough being as many as it takes OR UNTIL YOU GIVE UP, as it was with that ice cream in your childhood. Ask more people more times each. There is nothing like it in your world, there never has been. It is the most powerful shortcut of all the thousands of shortcuts you have found or developed, or likely will in the future. Above everything else, ask more people more times each, today, and as often as you have a need that involves asking other people for help. Even as this PowerGem has nothing to do with sales, it affects most of the "sales" you ever make your life involving decisions or money or participation, et alia. EVERY time they say "No," find out why. Once you know why, you can then solve it, and ask again.