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Empower yourself with the greatest naturopahic website,
the all-natural and thoroughly healthy Longevity Zen of Health ,
which may qualify it as the internet's healthiest website.   That is left to you..
Filled with your healthiest and wealthiest shortcuts and secrets of those who do better.

Imagine a medical doctor hosting over a hundred free health-related websites!   Not anytime soon, we think.
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A definitively effective shortcut to cutting terrorism in half is the same shortcut that drastically reduces their fundage.
Plus, this same shortcut will also put more money in your pocket AND help save the environment.
If that's not enough, it will certainly save limbs, eyes, and lives from being blown up in war.
All you have to do is reduce the amount of gasoline you're using by just a few percent.
This one trick, as tiny as it is, is more than enough to eliminate all oil importation.
All from one single shortcut, if you're capable of looking beyond selfish needs.
You do NOT need to drive to the store for one or two items. That's insane.
You do NOT need to drive to the store for one or two items. That's insane.
More than than the money or the lives, more than limbs or de-terrorizing,
over a lifetime you've already wasted thousands of minutes this way.
Those who pretend to love America buy "Support Our Troops" magnets,
while those who do love America send their magnets to the troops to armor their vehicles.
Yes, that's right. If every magnet sold to phony patriots were sent to our troops who are overseas,
they would have far more than enough to completely wallpaper every un-armored HumVee in action.

What you do speaks so loudly we'd rather not hear your lips flapping with empty platitudes.
Shut up and take proactive steps today that assure you of a better tomorrow.
Start by reducing the amoung of gasline you use and you'll see profit.
Use less gas today and save lives, save money, save your nation.

The Shortcuts Way of Living is a belief system of empowerment.
Less talk, more action, please.

Dr. David Cohen is considered by more than a few people to be among the top doctors in America,
although he's never spent a single day in medical school.
With expertise in half a dozen major naturopathic disciplines,
there are some who believe that Dr. David Cohen may be among the top doctors of our generation.

Heal yourself naturally, healthfully, with the great approaches and suggestions you find,
here at the Shortcuts Way of Living, and at more than a hundred other HUGE websites,
all focusing on how to develop your wealth and health, brought to you by MisterShortcut.

The Shortcuts Way of Living

We welcome you to the world's largest naturopathic website, aiming to make it the healthiest website.   That's your call.
Filled with the best health tips of people who live stronger for longer,
The Shortcuts Way of Living is designed for your life,
with the understanding that you will make use of its wisdom,
that you'll enjoy the fruits of its successful experience,
and then have the decency to pass it to those who need it.
There is always someone worse off than us, individually and otherwise.
Without exception, each time you considerately think of them, or act for them,
the universe and all of its laws gives you the positively sumptious guarantee of return.
You already know that anything we do has equal and opposite reaction.
What might distract you into thinking that this fact is immune?
The rules of life that hold true most of all, all PowerGems,
apply to all we survey. Faith and science combined.
Created by your Godfather of EyeCandy,

The Shortcuts Way of Living is fantastically vast
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The Longevity Zen of Health ,
filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally
It is indeed a wise person who understands and appreciates
that no vitamins or human or even surgery can cure or heal us:
they can only help us to help ourselves; help us to heal ourselves.
The sooner you take control of the decisions affecting your health,
both how long you live and how well you live, the sooner you win.
You win the game of life by living well. Keep things simple.
With hundreds of thousands of dead patients every year,
the only person willing to claim that medicine works,
is the individual who has an interest in saying so.
That's tough for you to accept. We understand.
Your IQ is what, 80, 90, 100 or thereabouts?
The Shortcuts Way of Living is different.
Based on the findings of smart folks,
people with IQ's above 150 - 180.
Stop feeling insulted by this;
call it a quirk of birth.
Fact is, those who do better
are the people who know better.
By tapping into what THEY know better,
you multiply the chances of YOU living better,
living stronger for longer with more robust health.
You think you know more than Paul Newman, saintly human?
Forget the thousands of charities this amazing man has given to.
Just consider his announcement just after his eightieth happy birthday:
"As of next year, I will no longer compete in professional car racing anymore."
Whew! Do you even understand the physical requirements of professional car racing?
Never mind the mental demands; the physical demands alone are beyond what you do daily.
So, when one like Paul Newman speaks about being so active after several consecutive decades,
does it not make sense for the rest of us to hush up and listen to the wisdom coming from a wise man?

Longevity Zen of Health On Natural Gravity Relief

Longevity Zen of Health On Natural Gravity Relief

Between ninety-five and one hundred percent of all males will, at some point or another,
experience enlargement of the prostate gland. It is hard to escape gravity, frankly.
Saw palmetto works almost instantly for roughly seventy percent of all men.
Your best health tip is to make sure it is CONCENTRATED saw palmetto.
Betasitesterol works for approximately eighty percent of all males.
Using these two relatively inexpensive, perfectly safe remedies,
you'll heal yourself naturally at a tiny percent of the Rx cost.
Why are many using approaches with horrible side effects?

Used together, saw palmetto and betasitosterol,
both of which are natural and inexpensive,
provides relief for about 100% of all men.
Think twice before you go to an M.D.
The good ones have little money,
the bad ones collect plenty.
They're better at money
than at good healing.
So, heal yourself.
Do it naturally.

Top doctors are those who use Longevity Zen of Health and medicines before turning to toxic pharmaceutical approaches.
When we learn how to be our own top doctors, we will ALL live stronger for longer

The Shortcuts Way of Living on "Top Doctors"
If you believe you're familiar with top doctors,
or have consulted with people described as top doctors,
look twice, because you inevitably find they are financially wealthy.
Accumulation of wealth is of course something most of us greatly admire.
That does not scientifically or logically connect to being among our "top doctors."
In truth, looking twice will empower you to notice that our top doctors are rarely wealthy.
They are often rich in life experience, saving many lives and reducing suffering for so many.
They rarely have money because they're too busy helping people, earning recognition as top doctors.
With expertise in half a dozen major naturopathic disciplines, some believe that Dr. David Cohen,
a naturopathic doctor without a single day of medical school under his belt learning about drugs,
is likely to be counted by history as being one of our very top doctors for helping and healing.
Dr. Cohen does not heal anyone, and in fact does not treat anyone; not by a long shot.
Using technology and the timeless wisdom of what foods and herbs have helped humans,
his success rate in helping people to help themselves is far superior to an M.D.'s.
Factually, no medical doctor regularly using drugs and surgery can compare.
It's a strong statement, and, as always, results speak the loudest.

Heal yourself naturally, healthfully, with the great approaches and suggestions you find,
here at the Shortcuts Way of Living, and at more than a hundred other HUGE websites,
all focusing on how to develop your wealth and health, brought to you by MisterShortcut.

Top doctors to the left of me, top doctors to the right;
which of all these top doctors, will guide us to the light?
The light of all that's healthy and natural,
the light of living well and long,
top doctors in the mirror are,
the best top doctors who rarely go wrong.
Look inside YOUR mirror, and you will find yourself.
We are our own top doctors, bar none, and don't undersell yourself.
Nearly all of us are born with everything we need to heal ourselves, naturally.
You have the brains to look up in reference books or the internet or asking for help,
thousands of known methods and approaches and foods that heal us and help us, naturally.
Top doctors are those who do everything possible to help your body to heal itself... naturally.
Saw palmetto has reduced enlarged prostates for thousands of years for seven of ten men.
Betasitosterol - BETA-sit-AH-ster-ol - works for eight of every ten enlarged prostates.
The use of both of these items, so far, has proven to work for ten of ten.
Ten of ten. That means ZERO need for surgery or dangerous chemicals.
The Shortcuts Way of Living urges EVERY MALE over forty,
whether or not you have or have had this problem YET,
to add these cheap and natural items to your diet.
EVERY MALE eventually gets prostate growth.
Cut the problem off before it happens.
Do it naturally, and simply,
and save pain and money.

At the bottom of the page, it's YOUR Shortcuts Way of Living,
and the only way to benefit from effective information,
no matter how educated you are OR ARE NOT,
is to use the best of what you know,
and the best of what you learn.
Less talk. More action.