Electables and delectables, which incur more scent?
Are electables and delectables, possibly heaven-sent?
If enduring electables and delectables might be sweet,
then a good prognostication of the future yields your treat.
Electables and delectables, join electables and delectables,
when all is said and done, the most electables are delectables.
Only when we see, who is electable and who might be delectable,
can we grasp the finer strands of all that might be quite respectable.
Bring up the electables, hold in abeyance the more quaint delectables,
greater futures leapfrog past what holds what was once reflectable.
Now, it all shines down to you in the simpler versions of your truth.
No one slakes the tigers that we can now call "internal drivers."
Electables can hardly be your true delectables in our system,
for the nature of electables often transmogrifies with time.
From the most delectable electables do we see all truth.
In time, not a one seems clear of the corruption of all.
Take your most electables, be they delectable or not.
Fly those true electables, with delectable changes.
Flip the cards back every time the vote is taken.
Always move "electable" past "unelectable."
Thus do the most delectable stand up right.
Thus do the most delectable show a hand.
One term, one term only for electables.
This will help us find the delectables.

Yes, "electables" may often be referencing (or referential of, heh heh), university classes.
For those willing to split hairs, that would also include college class electables, at the least,
along with high school electables, but, that means you are probably confusing electables with electives.
These "electives" are choices, as in, "Which choice do you like, since you need to deal with this anyway?"
Ergo, it might be wise to learn the difference between electables and electives, those course of choice.
Funny how many electables turn out to be less than delectable. Is that coincidence? Most likely not.
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