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Of the most powerful forces that an individual can tap into today in order to produce consistently better and more immediate improvements is to both soundly and roundly understand that no human being is in a positiobn to tell another human being the proper way to honor their Creator. The idea of a man doing so surpasses arrogance into a self-claim of being above human status.

Transactional analysis sounds like a thirty-dollar phrase although it's remarkable simple. The premise of transactional analysis is that everything stems from a transaction between two very specific personalities, and that every human has three personalities or modes of operation: adult, parent, and child. This only means that everything thought and feeling we have is from the point of view or coign of vantage if you wish, of one of these three personalities within our larger and outer personality. No matter what we think, feel, or say, you can immediately determine if it's coming from the "mouth" of your inner parent, your inner child, or your inner you.

These two previous paragraph are tied together in that we all have, and you'll see proof within the next minute or so, an inner genius, a wise old man or wise old woman, in a manner of speaking.

As is customary within the Longevity Zen of Health , we don't fritter time with the central and scientific explanations of why; that's for people on a different plane. What's more important to the cause of getting you to achieve a tough goal in 100 days or less when possible, just a bit longer when necessary, is the what and how:What do I need to do to make that happen? and, of course, "How does it potentially benefit ME?

A perfect system is one that works just one percent more than 99 percent. No sane mind would claim that the judicial system works more than forty to sixty percent of the time, and that's under ideal conditions, something we're hardly overwhelmed with news of. Again and again we read of judicial abuses, to a degree that is inconsistent with its principles by virtue of its volume alone. These are facts of record, so any discounting of charges dropped or fruitlessly pursued are more than compensationally countered by those we never hear or learn about.

Despite the persistent and now common breakdowns of the integrity of both civil and religiously judicial positions, we continue to buy into the idea that judgeships are lofty positions most often occupied by men of honorable mien and action. We continue to believe it even in the face of such a wide array of culpatory evidence.

Unless and until a man is capable of exceeding the bounds of normal human existence, they are demonstrably not in a position to tell others how it should be done. A more vernacular version of this immutable wisdom can be found in a grandfather's reminder to his beloved charge that we "...either get it from the horse's mouth, or we get caught at the wrong end of the horse."

Every so often a man or woman distinguishes themselves by doing things that are unquestionably inexplicable by human standards. As a rule, we attribute divine intervention, and their holy works multiply. These few people are our leaders, and everyone else needs to close their mouths and live the most-quoted statement of a brilliant Jewish leader who reminded people regularly to talk less and do more. He himself sent emissaries to and opened programs in some 110 different countries, because he talked less and did more.

To elevate a man in the religious community invokes the same elements as elevating a man in the political community. Perhaps it will shatter notions to hear it asseverated that the end of this practice is a measurably large and do-able step towards achieving more of our purpose and goals in religion.

For example, there are several prayers for different foods. Minute discussions about which is which for when and why an...all of these exceed the requirements of what and why we do something. The specific details of a conversation between a human being and the ultimate architect is more sacred than anything in your life. It is the essence of all religion: the communication between a human being and that human being's Ultimate Authority. Interference in these communications by demands that a child use thousands and thousands of precious minutes memorizing rote, rote that has not historically produced any significant numbers that relate to SINCERITY FACTOR.

Some adopt the wisdom that declares that acting the way you want to be will quickly cause you to become the way you are acting. Act the way you want to be and you become the way you act. In the vernacular once again, "fake it 'til you make it." With respect to this normally perfect PowerGem of life, it does not apply to religion. If a human being is wavering in religion, it means they are not clear in their thinking. That leaves them at virtually utter mercy of the next human being who proposes an answer to their problem. Be certain you understand that a person who is not clear in their religious thinking is the most prime conceivable candidate for proselytizing, because their defense mechanisms are nowhere near their standard level of balance. The very nature of their indecisiveness is the founding reason for leaving them to make their own decisions without the sales pitches-- oops -- without the "logical progression of our faith, my dear."

The very precept of taking advantage of a person's momentary lapses of personal strength, however extended in time it may seem to others, is anathema to the human becoming and the human being. These are the motivations of the bloodthirtiest of human erectus, more appropriate a sobriquet than homo sapiens. From funeral parlor owners who make not merely good livings, rather, obscenely bloated bags of cash from every single tragic death that comes to them. Mankind has been burying people for quite a fair measure and length of time, you'll surely agree. It's only since the World War I, when most funeral parlors became mobster-owned or affiliated, that the amount required to bury a human being was no more than a few dollars.

Most citizens are provably stupid enough to fall for the con, even it's made perfectly clear by media exposure of the fact that eighty-thousand dollar embalmings use identical inexpensive chemicals and equipment required for the "merely" ten thousand dollar funeral. When it comes to loss of loved ones, people are weaker than weak, they're pure putty, and they will continue to be victims as long as you personally do nothing about it. As we were raised way back three decades ago, the same applies today: the only people in life who are consistently stepped on are those who consistently allow it.

Again, religion provides us with an opportunity to enrich the lives of our loved ones, friends, and, perhaps as well, ourselves. It also provides us with an opportunity to "get over" on our neighbor, enjoying unreasonable advantages that far, measurably, far, FAR more often than not, goes to people who are just as far, measurably far, FAR more deserving of honors, homage, and credibility in matters of his expertise. This is plain and simple logic, nothing is likely to change it any time soon. That means we can rely upon it. Anything that is reliable can be built upon. That's worth repeating: anything and everything that is reliable can be be built upon into something even greater. Let this man make his own decisions, and you spend more time focusing on your decisions; would that be fair enough? Can we find a way to get you to poke your nose OUT of other people's business? It's a promise that doing so mathematically increases both the quantity and quality of your share. The beauty of the circle of life is that now you'll have more... to share with your loved ones and friends, and, perhaps as well, yourself.


This is what we do, and this is why. Backing away from the subjective, however briefly each person demonstrates an ability to effect, the precise wording of a "thank you" to the Almighty has a definably negative value until sincerity is applied. The man or woman who says the prayer only and exclusively for the purpose of acknowledging gratitude, is earning divine credits at a speed vastly, even exponentially -- greater than those who formally follow through with what is, effectively, meaningless rote.

Humans have overdeveloped religion to a pitch screeching in the ear of our souls, squeaking at a thousand decibels. It is as if sacrilege, heresy and disrespect are the hallmarks to anyone who would say the prayer for the recently deceased with entire sentences changed to what is felt in the heart. Is religion NOT the expression of what is in one's heart toward an Ultimate Architect?

What adds weight and credibility is more than just the timelessness of this message, is the fact, undeniable and certain, that although we are referring to other religions, it just so happens that these words apply to your religion. Isn't that interesting? Women, silly creatures, however dominant in a dozen effective modes, continue to buy into the male-domination theory of God.

Use of the word man in most of these statements is a given; we don't question it. It's uncommon to read articles about female church leaders at levels of power.

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