Self-Empowerment Shortcuts Poem
Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk

Empowerment shortcuts are why we are here,
empowerments shortcuts can allay great fears.
Empowerment shortcuts will raise you up high,
to find more empowerment shortcuts, by the by.
Reach for the best in your soul in this minute,
let all in the world see you shine.
Empowerment shortcuts raise you right up,
and you will join those who say, "The world is mine!"

Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go in life,
you will find empowerment shortcuts are as sweet as any good wife.
Each day, dive deeper into your own sense of the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Do not let anyone slow you down from great focus, your empowerment focus.
Even in the worst of times, there are many good people who nevertheless thrive.
You get to be in the top ten percent only by choice, never by accident or any luck.
Move past the pretense of understanding what luck is, to grasp its fullest power.
Luck is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge, so empower your own good luck.
Empowerment shortcuts foundationalize your Shortcuts Way of Living.
With this, the Shortcuts Way of Living wishes you great good luck.
Self-empowerment is a choice, defining our losers and winners.
Pretend that the next one hundred hours are YOUR last hours.
On a day you do not expect it to be so, it will be the truth.
Create your truth using self-empowerment for 100 hours.
You will be staggered by what you are accomplishing.
Use your Shortcuts Way of Living self-empowerment.