This is the story of one of the most corrupt federal trials in American history,
Crushing The Largest Excecutive Club In History and Trial - because it continues to be both


Should 70,000 CEO's, C.O.O.'s, Chairman of the Boards, and Presidents of the Fortune 1000
be scammed individually AND repeatedly, is it likely you'd know about it?

One of the longest, dirtiest federal trials of the 20th century.
Its goal was to shut down the largest executive club or network ever created.

The goal was sponsored by Reed Elsevier, Ltd, angry at being a distant second in the enormous Who's Who industry at a time when Reed Elsevier is the largest and most powerful media company on earth... the largest single influence on the legal and judicial community in America.  

Sixteen weeks of oft-explosive testimony, not a word from 1200 media outlets.
The Who's Who Worldwide Registry trial... that you have never heard about...
and the hard-working salespeople sacrified to Reed Elsevier's greed and corruption.

This has to've been one of the dirtiest and most corrupt federal trials in American history.   It was certainly one of the longest.
With pre-trial hearings rushed through December, the trial began in January and did not conclude until the final week in March.
Still, not a word from the media on what was alleged to be the largest scam in American history,
wherein seventy thousand of the brightest, most accomplished humans allegedly "fell victim" to telemarketing scammers,
and loved their memberships so much that forty thousands of them renewed and/or upgraded their memberships AT LEAST ONE OR TWO TIMES EACH OVER THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS!

Obviously, they got value, or they would not have returned in such stunning and historically unprecedented numbers.

Call the White House today. Please, demand pardons for the Shortcuts Way of Living "Who's Who-ers."