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Well, you're fresh out of excuses for not dramatically boosting the length and strength of your life.

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD MH CNC, wants YOU to heal naturally!
No human, organization or agency can deny that David Cohen has a rare and high percentage of success in his field.
Helping people to heal themselves naturally,
he has hosted over a hundred huge health-related websites, for years now,
without joining the internet frenzy of selling and selling and more selling.

NO ONE can cure you or heal you, including doctors, surgery, and supplements.
They can only help you to heal yourself.   No more excuses.
The Shortcuts Way of Living has been designed to empower you to empower yourself.
Better information invariably leads to better decisions,
so you're invited to learn more in order to live more.

Even allowing for the sites that die over time because their hosts go out of business, etc.,
you should be able to find hundreds of Mr Shortcuts sites, each one vast in scope.
From the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health , and down the line,
you are herein sent enormous energies of love, concern, and a wish to help.
The idea is to help you to help yourself in matters of health and wealth.
This will put you into a better position to reach out to help others.
That is the price of your joining the Shortcuts Way of Living.
So, too, with your cost of the Longevity Zen of Health.
If you do not wish to owe us one-half your new wealth,
you must share generously your newly-developed wealth.
You do not need to send money; your money is not desired.
You need to find the helpless and the hopeless... and help them.
Each time you do, you are guaranteed a generous return on your investment.
Let no man or woman seek to decry or deny the power of Newton's 3rd Law of Physics.
This is one of the ten most powerful secrets revealed in the history of the human race.

The purpose of the Shortcuts Way of Living is NOT to trash the repute of doctors;
simply to remove your reliance on their sole decisions.
No less than four hundred to eight hundred Americans will die in the next 24 hours
JUST FROM doctor/hospital errors or dying from the drugs prescribed by those doctors.
This is insane, and can only be stopped with greater education.

Dr. Cohen has demonstrated for decades his dedication to helping people to help themselves.
Here at the Shortcuts Way of Living and all of these other "healthiest websites,"
the focus is healing naturally, an eminently achievable goal for you personally.
Learn more in order to live more, at your Shortcuts Way of Living,
hosted by David Cohen, one of the greatest naturopathic doctors of a generation.

The Shortcuts Way of Living is here for you.