Acceleration for everything!
(Accelerate your Thought and Evolution)
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Let’s make a better world, one page, one click at a time.
Provided that you share, you’ll learn much about wealth here.
The Shortcuts Way of Living Is Wisdom You Have Always Known.
All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know how to listen, here is very powerful information, new to you.
These next few minutes of your life are likely to change you forever. Focus.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, it is silly to limit yourself.
You have invested eighty percent of what is needed to get to so many more profits.
Do not limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
This is a major and master secret of the universe, used by all of the masters around you.
Until you do better than who repeatedly performs at world class, how can you know better?
Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you’ve ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
Each PowerGem is an omnipotent, universal secret of your own Shortcuts Way of Living.
PowerGems stay hidden in plain sight, through all the millions of MisterShortcut pages.
We do not quit something because we have failed. We fail because we quit doing it.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Shortcuts Way of Living:
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
Click through to TheHungerSite, once for each day you get to live and breathe.
When you save dozens, & then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
Delight in how notably a rich variety of facets in your life improve rapidly.
You need not believe the Shortcuts Way of Living, or any one source.
The best way to confirm or deny a fact is to replicate it, repeatedly.
Click through to TheHungerSite and related HELPING websites.
AnimalRescue or RainForest, ChildHealth, and LiteracySite.
Taste for yourself the sweet fruits of imitating champions.

The Hunger Site
The Rainforest Site Assist From The Shortcuts Way of Living
The Animal Rescue Site Gets Full Support From Shortcuts Way of Living Embracers
The Literacy Site Deserves Assistance From The Shortcuts Way of Living
The Child Health Site

As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
You will, as we all do, experience many of your life’s greatest feelings.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
Join the Shortcuts Way of Living, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called “PowerGems.”

You’re looking for an explanation of ShapeTalk perhaps?
–>Keep Looking.

ShapeTalk Is Also Multiplex!
The Shortcuts Way of Living LIVES The Principles Of The Shortcuts Way of Living
ShapeTalk. You may think that ShapeTalk is merely an expression of art, or distraction.
We each quickly benefit by learning to see ShapeTalk for what is actually is, hm?
You see, we have become sound-byte people, we like to get it short and sweet.
ShapeTalk is a way of expressing many separate pieces of wisdom in short.
There are over a thousand ShapeTalk pieces in thousands of versions,
spread all thoughout the Shortcuts Way of Living for you to find.
ShapeTalk also, critically, separates thoughts line by line.
Have you noticed that? One line, one thought, mostly.
This way we can look at ShapeTalk and count!
Count the pieces of wisdom you take away.
Look in the ShapeTalk for PowerGems.
Then, share food with starving kids.
Fight hunger very personally...
and a bit beyond your own.