You cannot fool the human body.

Although it takes thousands of days,

the proof is in the largest of numbers.

Used to be one in 5000 cancer deaths,

even cardiac diseases were uncommon..

Today, 9 in 10 of us die unnatural deaths.

Tell us why you are sure you are an exception.

You are certain that you ARE an exception, right?

YOU are not going to die thirty years before your time.

Isn't it fantastic that we accurately see with no words spoken?

We cannot fool the human body with imitation food, fake nutrition.

When we ingest imitation food, logic dictates expectation of imitation nutrition.

Thinking that you understand this is barely halfway to unlocking its wisdom and profits.

It may take three thousand to even ten thousand repetitions of poor nutritional decision,

still, you can be sure that, like the sculptor who has to strike a rock thousands of times,

each and every nutritional decision assures you of a poorer quality day in your future.

9 of every 10 people die because of poor nutritional choices, or interference fields.

Mud-pack the sites of every injury or trauma you have experienced in your life.

Eat vegetables and fruits... or, if you must, animals that ate plenty of greens.

Carnivores have short transit times, as low as two hours, sometimes less.

Your transit time is eighteen to thirty-six hours, so meat is not for you.

Sorry,. it may be delicious to your tongue; it is deadly to your colon. 

If you stop trying to fool your body today, your body will respond.

If indeed I look half my age, it is mostly due to eating real food.

Drink water every waking hour, your brain & skin will thrive.

Stretch your muscles every waking hour to sustain flexibility.

Above all, keep your mind flexible, because it senses truth.