Genius is all it is
Genius is not discovered.
Genius is rarely a gift of birth.
Genius is proven in every single child,
aside from the rare few with horrific issues.
Genius comes out in 100% of children who are empowered.
That's just a big, fancy word for encouraged, even though it is shorter.
Sadly, about nine of every ten children have parents who forgot excellence,
never made the decision to repeatedly bring out the best within themselves.
Some children are hungry enough to look for people who believe in genius.
A childhood without practice assures an adulthood without excellence.
That the reverse is also richly true calls for repeated review of this.
After 12 repeats, you may already be a better parent.
Genius is rarely just a gift of great genetics.
Genius is the greatest of hungers.
Thus, genius is also intentional.

A childhood without practice assures an adulthood without excellence.
A childhood without practice assures an adulthood without excellence.

Who steals a child's future by denying that child excellent training?
Not a dime need be spent to focus a child on what they most enjoy.
Excellence cannot happen accidentally, meaning you get to choose.
Anything you do is worth doing one percent better, with every repeat.
This alone places you into world class in as little as a handful of months.
Unless you are performing at world-class, stop pretending you know better.
Whoever does the best, repeatedly, should be the only ones who are talking.
By imitating whoever you most admire, you instantly move towards excellence.
Doing it your way has to wait until you prove that you understand the basic recipe.
Once you get the recipe down, as it is for every successful recipe, you might innovate.
Your personality and experience, what wisdom you have been able to develop thus far,
all add up to those innovations, which have little value until after you repeat a top recipe.

That's all that genius is, for so many who deliver again and again with all of their energy and hunger,
Genius is the choice to bring out the best within, for the coming minutes, hours, and days... repeated.

A childhood without practice assures an adulthood without excellence, among the greatest of thefts

Genius is all it is, and genius is rarely ever anything less than a choice, one made each day apart.

An adulthood without practice assures a regret too profound for even the most well-lettered.

Repeat these nearly five hundred words just twenty-one times and deny you got smarter.
By your the twelfth and thirteenth analysis, your measurable IQ will observably rise.