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Can't become a millionaire in a year or less?

600,000 new, American millionaires within twelve months is noticeable.

600,000 new American millionaires every twelve months from 1992-1998 does compel our notice,
more so when we find that in 1999, a whopping ONE MILLION Americans became millionaires
About 20 percent of them were millionaires at least once before, and lost it.

Approximately 92 percent of all self-made millionaires in the 20th century went broke...
... and got their wealth back (an average of) nearly 3 times each.
Because this happens so often to so many people,
this fact alone communicates a great deal of useful information to and for you.

College degrees are in the vast minority. There is no doubt, and less argument about how a thousand and more Americans are becoming millionaires every single day. Mr Shortcuts interviewed nearly four thousand of them, one at a time. Self-made millionaires and billionaires definitely know how they got to be self-made millionaires and billionaires.       They do it better, proving that they know it better, hm?

If you haven't done it yourself, hush up and listen to those who have.   Begin by grasping that seven of every ten of those Americans earning eighty thousand or more dollars per month do it via some home-based effort of four or more hours per week. If you enjoy even one half the brains you give yourself internal credit for having, you will demonstrate wisdom by choosing something that you absolutely love to do. You'll do it better, and it's a happy way to invest a large portion of your life.

  • They understand it requires about five thousand hours.     Now, who's got 5,000 hours to spare?     Few of us do.
    So, they break it into a thousand smaller chunks of five hours each.

Some invest those five hours of effort once every month of their lives, taking, on average, about twenty years until they're up to eighty thousand dollars per month cash coming in.

Some invest those five hours of effort into each week, so it takes about just about 8 years, on average.

Some invest those five hours of effort every three days, working up to $80,000 per month in cash coming in, in as little as four years. Those who stretch themselves by investing those five hours of total effort each day, tend to hit the really high notes in two to four years, like the country girl using an outhouse at 14, superstar millionaire at 17 (Jewel), or the girl who slept in a car with her mother to become an actress, and less than fifty months later won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in March, 2000. Even if I question their particular so-called talents, I admire their five-hour shots of superb effort.

You most certainly DO have five thousand hours of effort in you; It's a question of when you close your mouth and get busy. Put your dream on paper, cut into five smaller pieces; list every human or organization who can say "YES" to some form of help, and then ask for it. That last one is the most powerful of all human magic tricks, and one of the least used. Put to YOUR best use 100 times in thirty days will most certainly will produce more and better results than you've produced in any thirty-day period of your life up until now. But then again, maybe you know better than dirt-broke people who are now earning more in a day than you earn in a week.

Time and again, with recipes and blueprints, printed maps and sheet music, we see the intensely magical, accelerating value of using someone else's successful methods that have been put into writing. The day you begin putting YOUR plan into writing is the day you make more progress towards becoming a millionaire -- or whatever it is that you most want in this life -- than you've made on any other single day since the moment of your birth.

There you go. The magical, undeniable, guaranteed method of joining an oceanlike wave of tens of thousands of new self-made millionaires every month. Isn't it your turn? Imagine investing an extra five hours every single week with your significant other or your child or brother or friend, exclusively focused on quality time. Or picture yourself investing just five hours per month or per week learning to play a keyboard - Or guitar fret, really enjoying mastery and music together.       With either picture, aren't you smiling? If indeed you were going to pick a business to run only five hours per month (or per week), what would you pick? Just for the heck of it, name something you love that you can invest five hours more per month or per week, really, really putting forth maximum effort to be great at whatever it is. THEN you can figure out ways to get people to pay you for it.

One thing you would love to earn your living at ----___________________________________----

In all the billionaires (nearly three hundred in America alone) and millionaires (seven million), we only find three perfectly common traits in more than 93% of them:

  1. Their dream is in writing so they can state it aloud often in ten words or less

  2. With a deadline, it's not a dream anymore ; it's now a goal.

  3. They ask for what they want more than anyone else around them does.

  4. They're getting richer -- near-exclusively -- doing something that they thoroughly enjoy…
    ...something they'd probably do for nothing… and did it for nothing before they got paid for it.

What do you want to be great at?       Where do you want to go tomorrow?
If you don't know for sure, you'll probably end up somewhere else. That's why this is written to you: seven of every one hundred people simply shut up and commit to five hours. Do you know what an acronym is? Each letter of an acronymic word represents another word. So, if you understand that LUCK is acronymic for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge, good luck.

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  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

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