Without ever picking up a piece of paper, despite the profit in doing so, without measuring your minutes,
you can make it your business to spend fourteen minutes on getting much richer much faster.

Here's a perfect example. If you keep your money in the bank until you can get it invested, you're okay.
If you keep your money in the bank for extended periods, please remember that when you put money into the bank, you are in effect going into a business partnership with the bank. That's why you put your money in the bank, isn't it? The thing is, the bank keeps about ninety-nine percent of the profit they make from your money, while you do not have a chance of earning more than a half of one percent of the profit they make. Are you okay with that? Yes, the bank is a safe place to keep your money, until you move that money into something that makes you money. You can leave enormous sums of money to your great-great-great grandchildren by leaving money in the bank for a century and more. Otherwise, you are certainly capable of finding no more and no less than fifteen minutes per day learning more methods of increasing your savings. You do not need to do it an hour or two per day. One percent of your time, that's it.

As you math whizzes know, there are 1,440 minutes in your day. One one-hundredth of that, a tiny one percent, is fourteen point four minutes. Anothe way to say the same thing is that you have one hundred chunks of time every day; each of them is just under fifteen minutes each. You get one hundred of these chunks every day, and that's it. When each chunk of one hundred minutes if over, that's it. You can never take it back because aluminum foil does not unwrinkle. Never mind the cheaters who will try to iron it and paint it and lie through their teeth to you. Whether or not someone screwed up by teaching you remarkably erroneous concepts of time or it "just happened that way," princes and janitors and barmaids and wherever you find yourself right now, you have one hundred chunks of time every day and you are still not demonstrating that you understand the permanence of the expiration. That's it; when the chunk of time, so special and so unique it is marked with special numerals more comprensive than anything produced by man, even down to the hundredth or thousandth or ten-thousandth of a second... when that marked chunk of time is gone, you can't reclaim it or have somebody make it look as if you did more during that space of time than you did, than you're doing now, and shall be doing each day of your life.

Yes, yes, so you're human; you believe you require sleep; look at all the science that says so. All of the countless thousands of people who function fine on little or no sleep are probably diseased and therefore rightly taken out back and shot. The body doesn't physicalliy require sleep; only the brain; If you, for example, enjoyed sufficient horsepower under your hair's hood, you'd know that closing your eyes for a hundred seconds or so replaces perhaps one-twentieth of your sleep requirement for that day. Doing it several times per day cuts sleep requirement by half and more. One of at least three additional benefits is that normal sleep tastes better, feels better, and accomplishes more. But your actions are not evoking sounds of high-octane revving in the cluttered garage that used to be your mind, and will again the day and hour and moment you pat the loser inside you on the back, gently nudging past to let the champion you, the better you, the acting as if you're on fire you, no elision or emendment to the basic truths of life, please.

So you use some of your 100 chunks of time on sleep. Rumors abound that some people use some of those chunks on a monthly or even weekly basis. Sigh. The masters of the universe must be patient, although no one's explained why. There's simply no reason for living your life as if in stupidity, really believing that other people will think you less of a loser because you wear clothing with someone else's name on it rather than your own. Let's toss some of those pitifully perverting coigns of vantage and look from a brighter place. You can't live without your "morning brew?" Are you stupid? The ten thousand dollars you micturate away in a lifetime or less on cups of coffee that cost a penny per cup would certainly and now will just as certainly grow into many more thouands for you to have when your faculties are more attuned to what exactly is of value to you. Doughnuts that a senior veep of one of the nation's two largest doughnut chains told me that these dollar doughnuts DO NOT EVEN COST a full penny. Which of is wrong for saying that it is stupid to pay that dollar if it's more than once in a while. Those who eat fast food every day for one hundred days are l... oh, that's right, there's no such thing as a human being who could survive fast food one hundred days in a row unless they went with salad and water the while time, and they wouldn't be all that healthy, anyway. Those who ate normally, meaning meat and trimmings, have zero statistical chance of surviving one hundred consecutive days of eating that swill, with chemicals to make this one taste flame-broiled, chemicals to stop your body from digesting it, so that you'll crave more, having had no nutrition from what just passes on through until it sticks in the colon.

Sleep, eating, preparing food. All taking up these chunks of one hundred minutes. Necessary interaction with others may also be a big part of your life. The greatest news of all is that, unless you're one of the child slaves who harvest seventy percent of all the chocolate eaten in America, you do still have control over at least a few of those one hundred chunks of time. Fourteen minutes and twenty four seconds each. This is not a game, this is your life, and you're in now in the game or contest of your life to snap out of the mediocrity that you've slipped back into since you used to do things that showed your best. Fourteen minutes and twenty four seconds.

We already know that there are two or three vital things you have to do before you buffle off to Shuffalo.
At this second, it's none of our business what those two or three things are, because they're still talk.
Talk is so meaningless in the face of action, and now it's catching up to you, proven each day.
One of the many instant tools for accelerating your results in hundreds of your skills is to grab those chunks now.

Please. Hush up. I write music every single day after reading a book in the morning, writing twenty thousand words by lunch, and then get seriously busy because in between and during all other activities, deep breathing every hour, or so.