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Creating Good History - Instantly

Since politicians on both sides fear nothing as much as pressure from their constitutencies, which is a direct question of continued employment, your magical faster answrs ride right in front of you, in warm companionship with the slower, gradual building block answers to our most vital concerns.

If we agree that child abuse and kidnapping are important issues, and kids coming out of schools with educations inadequate to the need to be techno-savvy, you can, in fact you're guaranteed to get better and faster results as soon as you get involved in the issues you believe are worth your attention.

One of the current pools, huge in dimension, of humans you can get are those who are now watching television. If you watch television it is almost certain that you do so every day, or at least five times per week. When every American who's watching tv f five or more times per week trades just one or two of those days for active community involvement, you now have between tens of thousands and millions of human hours oavailable for instant action.

Your local school has two thousand students? No problem. When a thousand of those mothers give just one or two hours per week to patrol the school hallways under the supervision of the principal and the assignee of each principle, you instantly reduce school violence by fifty to eighty percent. That comes out to thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of violent incidences that will be pro-actively prevented by parents who traded in one hour or two of mindless television to help protect our children.

Those who sincerely, even honestly expect the government to take care of business hasn't got a clue that eighty percent of all the humans who work for the taxpayer are greedy, stupid people who can't get real jobs, so they suck at the public teat. That's rough on the twenty percent who are professionals, dedicated, and earn most of the perquisites we shower upon those in public employ. You should only eat the food served by chefs at the Senate and House dining rooms; you and your should only enjoy the comprehensively carefree medical coverage paid for by your repeatedly taxed dollars. When your beloved Republicans and Democrats made it illegal for a company's largest customer to negotiate price, the bell was sounded. To your front door came those ringing peals of desertion, leaving the citizen to fend exclusively for himself and herself.

Whether you have one high school kid or a thousand college kids knocking on people's doors and asking what three issues are most important to that person, and then inviting that person to trade one hour of their weekly tv time to participate in history, you're going to see fast results.

As crooked as he clearly seemed to be, Tip O'Neill hit the very top of the political ladder and stayed there for decades and decades. He's credited for the phrase, "All politics are local."

It genuinely doesn't matter if you're registered with one party or another or another. Only a fool would that any one party has nothing but correct answers. All five of the larger parties in America have some good ideas and some that are not. No matter what party you think you're attracted to or feel obligated to support, your involvement is now proving to be the difference between whether the nation survives as a free republic or not.

Whatever you believe about religion or politics, the nation is at war in more ways than we're openly discussing. The length and quality of your lives and the lives of your children and grandchildren are at stake. For the first time in our history, we're looking at majorities that are neither white nor young, or even middle-aged. Forget about hundreds of thousands of mature citizens who are sitting in front of televisions; it's now in the millions. Get up from the television! Get involved in the community. For all of the advantages of young, energetic, bright people like me, there is no resource in a community more valuable than those who have done it. Those who have done it wrong show us what not to do, which is a magnificent shortcut that saves us too many errors-by-trial, to reverse a long-standing tradition of those who blaze the trail. Those who have done it right, ESPECIALLY those who have done it right repeatedly, are the single best source of shortcuts and wisdom and how-to information.

Millions and millions of people. All you have to do is knock on their front door, maybe even six or seven times this year. The more people you ask, the more people respond. It's mathematical, applying directly the applications of science, the science of success, rather than appealing to the art of success. Both are valid; one more assured than the other. As Coolidge and others have pointed out, undeveloped potential is legendary. Go knock on a door and ask for the trade of one hour of television per week to help create good history. That act in itself creates your own instant good history. Doing so one hundred times or more assures a measurable change in history.

Whatever stage or state you're at, you get several different levels of profit when you consider someone else's needs. Doing it a hundred times alters all of your history and that of so many others. Go knock on a door and ask for the trade of one hour of television per week to help create good history. More and people will begin doing you favors and kindnesses, opening up doors you now have little chance of getting past.

Raise your quality of life with shortcuts at the Shortcuts Way of Living. Developed with armfuls of love for you by The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

If you have gone through the programs and CD's and more,
then you are already searching for the Shortcuts Way of Living,
The great news is that the Shortcuts Way of Living is already in you.
As a child you were trained, knowingly or not, to accede or to repeatedly persist.
Because you are able to recognize this, you get to use it as a thinking, effective adult.
One change. One shortcut. One improvement in any one or more of your repeated daily efforts.
WHAT DO YOU REPEAT MANY TIMES PER DAY? That's the place to start, instantly.
With nothing more and nothing less than deciding to do it better, you rise.
Excellence is nothing more and nothing less than an accumulation.
If you are going to repeat a given action a dozen times today,
count out, right now, how much of a difference you make.
One percent improvement, repeated one hundred times,
means far more than double where you started.
If you knew better, you would do better.
Now you know better, so show better.
This is your time, this is your place,
Shh. Use the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of those who do it the best,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy. The Shortcuts Way of Living is free for your life.

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B) PowerGems are what you need to find here.
When we see the immense resources available to us all,
it is egregiously offensive to see such profound waste.
Your life is rich with opportunities, in so many areas.
The Shortcuts Way of Living urges you to awaken.
The sight of you is no less than repulsive, disgusting.
Take control of what you have the power to take control of.
Thousands of excuses for failure, and there is only one reason.
That reason does not change from circumstance to circumstance.
Excellence is always the result of the desire to be excellent, true enough?
If we do not see excellence in your life, it is because of just one basic reality:
Your lack of excellence is directly related to lack of excellence in your efforts.
If you are not hungry, on fire, even, to help you to help yourself develop mastery,
what in heaven makes you think that any other human should care about you, either?

You have millions of unique pages from the Shortcuts Way of Living, and related sites.
Millions of Longevity Zen of Health self-health web pages to help you help yourself.
The time, in this day, hour, and moment, is nigh for you to accept responsibility.
Until now, you have only pretended at willingness to accept responsibility.
You are the captain of the ship, the producer of the movie, ad infinitum.
It all means that you are the one in control of destinations on the way.
It is true that you have but little control in re your final destination.
Not so the many subsidiary destinations along your life course.
You decide the destinations, or whether to have destinations.
In that case, Life, and those who have their goals in writing,
these will determine most of the course of your lifetime...
and, of course, definitively control your destination.
When you stop pretending that you know better,
your brain opens up to those one-percent-ers,
improvements of just one percent each.
The Shortcuts Way of Living, now,
pursuing YOUR destinations.

Millions of opportunities to find your PowerGems.
Remember that the Shortcuts Way of Living is in you.
A hammer on the shelf cannot bang any nails into any wall.
Fruits of the Shortcuts Way of Living comes from sustained use.
Continue asking more people, more times each, to get what you need.

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If you solve a math problem twice and get a different answer the second time,
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So too with great information. Get second and third opinions,
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