The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life, Generating Great Shortcuts

Great shortcuts are on the mind, great shortcuts to invest the time.
Each of us seeking greater shortcuts, in pursuit of all we would be.
Great shortcuts are not destinations, they are lived for each moment of need.
Great shortcuts cannot be destinations, they are lived for the moment and deed.

Great shortcuts for most of the rest of us, including what is great within you,
whatever your ticket to shortcuts, you get to choose what it's meant to be.

Great shortcuts will take us there, to a better, brighter place in time,
great shortcuts are not where you reach,
but more based on what YOU find.

For we don't always get, quite what we want,
it is what we expect, that moves to our front.
So fly your great shortcuts until,
you face your great future,
anticipating YOUR thrill,

Great shortcuts are on the vine, great shortcuts to effect change in time.
Each of us peeks at great shortcuts to see, in pursuit of all that we might be.
Great shortcuts are not destinations, they are given to most for mere self-defeat.

Great shortcuts for the rest of us, including the rest in you
are meant to awaken the giant inside,

Great shortcuts will see you through...
to a sweeter and brighter place in life,
great shortcuts that might include a wife,
but more what you happen to find inside,
these great shortcuts simply cannot hide,
the test we all must carry on,
whether we marry Jill or Ron.

For we don't always get,
quite precisely what we want,
it is expectations that the future reviews;
so fly higher with your great shortcuts each time,
your dreams will come hard on the feet of your truth.

Engage YOUR great shortcuts with the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Designed by your chief fan, the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

A moment alone, if you will, between you and the Longevity Zen of Health.

Everything you do has a total effect. Even the simple fact of eating a candy bar.
Without telling you what you should eat or not eat, what you should do or not do,
keep yourself aware of the small things that you do, for their total is enormous.
Being more aware of the totals makes it easier to work backwards to today.
Lighting ten smokes per day may not be a big deal for a day or two, right?
Do it every day for twenty years and you're talking seventy thousand.
That does not mean you should not smoke, if it brings you pleasure.
It simply means that many of the things we do appear invisible,
although there is no doubt that they impact our lives greatly.
These impacts are rarely if ever felt on a short-term basis.
Convert some of your pleasures into occasionalities,
the once-in-a-while treat you embrace as a reward.
This way, what you did to earn a reward pays,
and you get to enjoy that occasional treat,
without denigrating your life account.
YOUR Longevity Zen of Health ,
for living stronger for longer

This is only works when what you did to earn a reward carries an identifiable future benefit.

The Longevity Zen of Health is about self-inception, not self-deception.
Do not lie to yourself about what constitutes a reward. It's YOUR life!
Everything carries a price, so it pays to invest rather than spend.
Your health and your minutes cannot replaced by dollars.
Dollars, however, can be replaced with simple energy.
Therefore, treat your health better than your money.

This is your greater time, this is your greater place,
Shh. Use great shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the great shortcuts used by champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.

The Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health , for your life