Great Shortcuts Shapetalk - Shortcuts Way of Living Style
Great shortcuts are not some rare opportunity that comes along once in a blue moon.
Great shortcuts rarely fall into the category of "high-falutin' sophisticated brain games."
Great shortcuts are not reserved for the people with "special" gifts or talents given at birth.
Great shortcuts do NOT require you to buy books, tapes, videos on a never-ending basis for life.
Great shortcuts are available to ALL who would be great - - that is WHY they are great shortcuts.
If you just look inside of yourself and keep asking what would be great for you, greatest for your life,
you will find answers that are better than the ones you are now getting, which come from your opinions.
Please try to wrap yourself in reality that no less than nine of every ten opinions are completely wrong.
This one secret is among the ten great shortcuts you will learn in your current decade, so learn it well:
Opinions are only sentences that are given to us by the people we admire or people whom we love.
Your parents, just for example, almost certainly gave you your opinions on religion (most folks).
Sure, there are exceptions, and still, nine of every ten people have parental religions.
Another way to say it: Nine chances out of ten say your religion is that of your parents.
Not even one person in ten today is dying of old age: not even close to one of every ten.
This is an entire set of proofs that most people are making exceptionally stupid decisions.
What elevates it to a crisis is that such stupid decision-making is no longer just 'exception.'
The majority of people are choosing stupid decisions over smart ones a majority of the time.
In fact, this statement is so important that it deserves to stand out on its own, true enough?
The majority of all the people you know are making stupid decisions across the majority of their lives.
The more exciting part is that you get to change this for the better, in your own life and the lives of others,
and, sweeter still, you get to effect these improvements much faster than you may have thought possible.
Many feel that the greatest feature of the Shortcuts Way of Living is the speed with which you get to enjoy it.
One critical urging of the Shortcuts Way of Living is to learn a few facts per day about whatever is "up your alley."
Do you know, just for example, that there are numerous devices and substances that tune up your brain to work better?
You can increase the speed of your thinking, you can increase the quality of your thinking, right along with pleasure centers!
Yes, the Longevity Zen of Health shares a good number of them, from the brain tuner to brain-boosting nutrients, and more.
We prefer that those of poor intent and ethics do not learn this, so, we hide these magnificent gems in plain sight and site.
Folks who think exclusively or nearly-so of themselves have little patience to work through the Shortcuts Way of Living.
People caring little about others lose the greatest benefits of the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health.
That's because, at the highest levels of both Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health comes a physical happiness.
It comes with only the tiniest squeezing or rippling of the stomach muscles, and spreads from your toes to the crown of your head.
By the time you get to this point, you have already mastered the tiny and simple, literally potent secrets of the Shortcuts Way of Living.
With so many overlapping parallels that you rapidly learn here, you will also be living your own version of your own Longevity Zen of Health.
Great shortcuts are found in the lives and words of people who do it best: masters and millionaires, champions and approximately all billionaires.
Work through the Shapelinks and Shapetalk, the WaveRings and interactive EyeCandy, to glean YOUR Shortcuts Way of Living, winning consistently.
"Good guys" with patience are here given many unique versions of the greatest secrets and shortcuts of all time, in the Shortcuts Way of Living.