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EyeCandy Capital of the World

EyeCandy and More EyeCandy at, where else? ... the EyeCandy Capital of the World.

There are many thousands of pieces of original work by Mister-Shortcut, who did it all for YOU.

The purpose of the EyeCandy is delight your eyes with interactive EyeCandy so that you will find yourself paying attention
to the BrainCandy... the best shortcuts and secrets of success....
The best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best Shortcuts Way of Living.

All esconced within the Shortcuts Way of Living... within the limits of what you are able to find,
because there's plenty of hidden BrainCandy along with the hidden EyeCandy.

Enjoy, enjoy. Learn more to live more so that you can give more.

Fair enough?

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