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Ultimately, it all comes down to the jaw.
Physically, with regard to your health, and circumstantially, with regard to your station in life.
In more than ninety-nine percent of all cases, which means you're included in the ninety-nine,
the cause of failure or impending disaster is inevitably caused by excessive use of the jaw.
Think about it. Whichever one applies to you, you have an instant fix right in front of you.
After all, The Shortcuts Way of Living is designed to promote instant results

If you're overweight, it's certainly not because you have a glandular or hormonal balance.
It's possible that you have those symptoms; at least seventeen patients in a thousand do.
Those seventeen, however, cannot blame their weight status on such imbalances,
because they themselves consciously and quite intentionally cause the imbalances.
Without exception, friend, what you eat determines how your body ends up.
Stop changing the subject and stick with just one simple fact:
Replacing just one tenth of my bad diet for good is healthy.
That's it. Please, please, don't go further to a new subject,
everyone claims to know better, so why are they not doing better?

Six hundred thousand dying every year directly from heart attacks?
One hundred and ten thousand dying directly from the drugs they're given?
Two hundred thousand deaths just from doctor and hospital error and negligence?
What mass drug is being applied to the American populace to nod their heads and shrug?
That elected officials are not being strung and hung in public squares for selling it all?

The Death Process Begins When Growth Process Stops

Youth ends at the moment flexibility ceases to expand. Flexibility is mental breathing. When you stop breathing, the death process begins.
How I mourn for all the people I've met in nursing homes, sitting, listening to their arteries harden, waiting the requisite thirty-six point four months to die. People who retire rarely live more than five to seven good years after retirement. The only ones who stay in shape are the ones who get up and get busy everyday, because JFK had it right on the money in connecting healthy bodies and healthy minds. It's perfectly comparable to fat people and holy people. That's right: there are fat people and there are holy people. There are no fat, holy people. Sorry, there are no glandular or hormonal imbalances. Those are political ways of telling you that you suffer from hyperactive jaw disorder, in that you're moving your jaws up and down too much.

You do not need to do hours and hours of strenuous exercise in order to lose weight. That's ridiculous, and based on factors that are not counted as students of logic. The only thing that's perfectly and scientifically necessary to lose weight is to alter what you're putting in your body. Do you believe your car will run fine pouring water into the gas tank instead of gasoline? Why not? Water's good and healthy, isn't it? Ah, water is not the proper fuel for an automobile; I see. If we pull into the gas station and ask for twenty gallons of water to be put in the tank instead of twenty gallons of gasoline, will the car stop dead in its tracks within the next hour? We think so, although most mechanics would find stronger ways to phrase it. Are we in agreement thus far? Twenty gallons of gas into a twenty-gallon automobile tank, and the car is going to stop running, right? I see. Well, permit one more question here. If I add just one pint of water for every twenty gallons of gas, will the car stop within the hour? In fact, won't the car continue this way for days or weeks, as long as I add twenty gallons of gas to each pint of water?

Those who know nothing about cars are likely to agree that using all water instead of gas assures you of a dead car, and also find nothing wrong with the statement that adding using twenty gallons of gas plus one pint of water may damage the car but will not stop it from running anytime in the next week or two.

On this basis and this basis alone do you find the single most guaranteed method of losing as many pounds as you want, as often as you want, for as long as you live. Nothing to do with starving yourself, or over-exercising, or taking drugs or getting surgery. None of these four mostly useless Complementing this fact is the ongoing addition to foods of chemicals that are designed and manufactured to both cause you to gain weight while simultaneously reducing the amount of nutrition you gain from the food. This is the one fact most difficult for citizens to understand and accept. After all, doesn't it sound like the plot of a James Bond movie, wherein food manufacturers conspire to keep you from gaining nutrition from the food in order to engender, to encourage, to promote, and yes, to increase your purchase of more food so that the manufacturers make more sales and more profit.

Does it not sound fantastic? If it's false or ridiculous, how do you explain the fact that your elected representatives have also voted, quite secretly over the past fifteen years, have voted away your right to see what ingredients are in your food?

That's right, folks, you might consider putting on your seat belt for this revelation: there are now more than fifteen thousand substances that are allowed to be added to your foods WITHOUT THEM BEING LISTED ON THE INGREDIENTS PANEL! What a fantastically depressing development. Fifteen thousand chemicals that your elected representatives voted to say are none of your business; you have no right to know what's in your food. And here you thought you knew that you were protected by a legal requirement to include all ingredients in your food products. Well, you were wrong, and until you give some serious consideration to improving your diet, you will continue to poison your children. Again, the proof is in the numbers right in front of your face that you continue, like mindless morons, refuse to acknowledge or even look at.

More than one million and three hundred thousand people in America will be diagnosed this year with cancer. That rate is triple what it was just thirty years ago. What do you think, it's something magical in the air? Heart disease has more than doubled in thirty years. Perhaps you believe it's just a question of attitude? Stop thinking and responding like an idiot and take charge of your medical destiny by taking charge of your nutritional requirements and fulfillments.

Let's look at some examples of your criminal behavior that a growing number of us believe rise to an urgent need - your children's heath - for you to be proscecuted for.

If your children eat fast food more than five or ten times a year, you are guaranteeing unconditionally that they will have weight problems, heart problems, and far higher cancer rates. Why are you having so much trouble believing that major corporations lie and cheat in order to get more money from you? It's daunting to realize how many Americans, even as they possess greater intelligence, actively demonstrate such exquisite stupidity in believing that large corporations are run by honest people who do NOT prioritize money over your health. Did you even know that Burger King adds several chemials to ALL of their beef products in order to make them taste more like beef? You didn't know that, did you? It's necessary, from their point of view, because the excessive amounts of antibiotics and other drugs they pump the animal with leave the meat less and less and less likely to please even an undiscriminating palate, so they pump you full of chemicals and drugs, with complete authorization granted to them to do so by... that's right, your elected representatives.

More water, more vegetables which have been washed with soap and water, more deep breathing, and you shall immediately observe a decline in the cancer and heart disease rates in America. You need to stop eating chicken unless it's both organic and kosher. Don't misunderstand: chicken is bad for you, no matter what your Jewish neighbor's grandmother might tell you. You are what you eat, and more than eighty percent of a chicken's lifetime diet is made up of feces: it's own feces and the feces of the chickens above and below and next to it. If you must eat chicken, fine; do so in moderation. This concept of eating chicken one and two times per week means you're eating a true feces recycler, jam-packed with antibiotics that are only used in animals because they can never be approved for direct human use... up to a hundred or even more times per year. That elevates your ingestion of disease into new heights of stupidity. Stop and think, learn what you're eating, and you're likely to find yourself inspired to begin acting as if you really do care what happens to your children.

Any human who feeds their children diseased meat is a criminal. The meat that is approved for sale in your local supermarket is diseased. The Shortcuts Way of Living will pay a hundred thousand dollars to you, in cash, if you can take us to a local store that has non-organic and non-kosher, that is NOT diseased. You cannot find it; it does not exist. There are no major operations as of this writing anywhere in the world, producing clean and healthy chickens. Not one, not in any of the dozen countries contacted and questioned and searched. Not one.

The toxins that are collecting in your body multiply in strength before they multiply in number. That's the result of synergy, where one plus one equals more than two. As you continue to pack your body with drugs and chemicals that provide zero nutrition or benefit, your ability to process food reduces; your ability to extract nutritive energy from food declines, and therefore your ability to fight against cancer, heart disease, arterial clogging by fat globules, are weakened further and further with each repetition of the foolish act of placing such poison into your body.

So, as long as you continue acting as you do, you are wise to expect similar results, which means that next year, an even higher number of cancer cases are certain to develop; more heart disease will be discovered in ever-younger patients, and you will continue to promote your own memory as a pitiful parent, one who didn't care enough to prepare healthy food for your children.

When we consider how many people actually believe that cancer can be cured or even reduced by radiation and other toxic chemicals, we are certain to observe that only five to seven of every one hundred people who learn these facts possess sufficient intelligence to effect corrective measures by taking in more clear water, more deep breaths, and more vegetables. These five to seven are lauded and applauded here. The rest of you are the recipients of sorrow and empathy, for you sentence yourself to continue the cycle of disease growth that has been so forcefully proven, demonstrated, and revealed over these past several decades.   The Shortcuts Way of Living wishes you a bon appetit!

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