The healthiest you, perhaps the healthiest me,
we can be about as healthy, as we choose to be.
Indeed greatest health, is more a choice than not,
rarely a question of a particular chromome too hot.
The healthiest people simply live the healthiest lives,
although it is true that men leave behind more living wives.
We can debate why women live longer than men, all to no avail,
because the foundations of great health, my friend, are the holy grail:
Air and water, air-dried sea salt and oil (oil that has never been heated),
along with healthier fiber and the healthiest bacteria, and that's about all,
all you need to live at your healthiest, along with clearing interference fields;
injuries, traumas, leave metabolites so toxic, more influential than nutritional yields.
As such fields are accurately found with QRA, not by any medical means, M.D.'s hate QRA.
Your ancestors knew to remove these toxins via mudbaths, but that won't make your MD rich.
These are the secrets and shortcuts of those, living healthier than you, which is why we suppose,
that the healthiest people live the healthiest lives, and keep themselves flexible, from head to toes.

The only people in any room with an intellectual right to be speaking are those doing it best among us.
No one else in the room has a useful opinion. Opinions are the opposite of critical analysis and thought.
The Longevity Zen of Health is a compendium of the healthiest secrets and shortcuts of the long-lived.
We know you love who raised you. That does not give you the "right" to accept their opinions as fact.
The truth is, a supermajority of all our opinions are 100 percent wrong, without repeat experience!
We have thousands of opinions, or can form them rapidly enough, and little time to live them.
If we do not get our information directly from what we consider to be the mouth of the horse,
we exponentiate the chances of getting caught at the wrong end of the horse, true enough?
Who does it better, repeatedly, proves to know better, when they show all the rest of us.
Learn more, so you live more. The more and better we live, the more we tend to give.