Healthiest Drink Poetry Shapetalk from MisterShortcut

Healthiest drink is why we're here, healthiest drink will be yours, my dear.
Listen to the longest-lived, for their words promote YOUR precious gift.
The ultimate drink, water, the ultimate supplements, all green,
to move you in a direction different than that of your peers.
The gift of time allows us all, to do what we're here for,
whatever it is, for you, dear child, let us see some more.

We've seen so little of what you can do,
and you know the accusation is utterly true.
Reach for healthiest drink, in body and bank,
those who come first are the ones to thank.

Healthiest drink will be yours, by the by,
unless of course, you choose to die.
Every spoon of sugar, every bite of bleached white bread,
brings you tens steps closer, and faster, to the moment you'll be dead.
What's funny about life is that you can live,
at least an additional twenty years,
and betwixt the medical appointments and pills,
you will spend most of them in tears.
The pain, the appointments, the sickness, the fears,
all from your diet, as your death draws near.

Reach for the healthiest drink of the young,
before they've gotten all clogged up,
eat only in the daylight hours,
in the evening, just barely sup.

Healthiest drink is choice of choices,
healthiest drink is heeding longer-lived voices.
You are invited in this day to a healthiest drink way,
where you actually get better, with each passing day.
Healthiest drink is vastly different from the illusion of healthiest drink.
Until you do better, you are wise to hush up and imitate those who do.
Every waking hour you need to stretch, drink water, and exhale twice as much.
These three secrets warrant that most disease can take no hold, extending healthiest drink.