The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life - Helping You To Help Yourself

The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life exists to help you to help yourself.
If you were awakened in the middle of the night and asked your purpose,
you would either shout out the answer or you would not shout out the answer.
In other words, you already know your destination in advance... or you do not.
Your confidence that "someday" your star and ship and opportunity will come in,
is as normal and healthy as any of the other ninety percent of us dying of disease.
The Longevity Zen of Health seeks to keep you alive and healthy so you can learn wealth.
Then, the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health join together, we hope, in you.
That magnificent moment, where you will have demonstrated excellence a hundred times and more,
that's when you will be strong enough and developed enough to grasp the profitable power of giving.
If only for selfish reasons, giving silently is among your hidden master secrets of the universe.
Newton's Third Law of Physics gives you the evidence to impel repeating that silent giving.
Your own application of this PowerGem a hundred times or more will give you the proof.
For the next hundred weeks, do not buy anything that is nationally advertised, okay?
National advertising tends to mean the precise opposite of what it used to mean.
For decades, advertising was for products of high standardized quality, right?
Today, it assures you nearly every time of a lower quality, higher boss pay.
Stop paying money to bosses who do not know, or care slightly about you.
Eighty cents of each non-rent dollar you spend is to obtain nothing extra.
In one hundred weeks of keeping that money to invest in yourself, thousands of dollars.
Not dozens or scores or hundreds! Thousands or many thousands of dollars is what you save.
At the end of the one hundred weeks, you will have more than enough to finance your stated goal.
Of course, if you're smart enough to also ask ten or a hundred people or agencies for help each week,
you find yourself wealthier in mind, in pocket, than you dreamed of before the Shortcuts Way of Living.

Look for the master secrets of the universe hidden in millions of pages, hidden and still in plain sight.
Never mind "tithing," for tithing is exclusively the realm of the stingy, the selfish, who need reminding.
For those born with a good streak, let you now know the secret that you are meant to give a bit more.
It is a high-speed shortcut to wealth of any measure of accounting you have within your own mind.
Fully half of all new wealth you develop by using Shortcuts Way of Living PowerGems is not yours.
Do not send it or charge it or put it away on lay-a-way.  Invest our dollars in helping the helpless.