Desire is the seed of all power.

It is also the seat of all power.

Focus upon that comment for 100 consecutive seconds
and you will experience
immediate improvements in your life.

Precisely 100% of you are smart enough to understand those 32 words.
Roughly 93% of you are too
profoundly stupid to act upon them immediately.

About 7% of you, as with every walk of life, are actually curious enough to
just shut up, and focus upon the statement with laser focus for 100 consecutive seconds.

  This is how 135 Olympic Champions won their gold.

  This is how 121 of America's 173 billionaires got that way.

 I congratulate those of you in the 7%...

The next 24 hours will bring you more magic than you've ever had,
in all of your life, up until this very minute.

You're in for the single greatest ride of your life.

 After years of being a party fool, with 'ups' as spectacular as my 'downs,' I was fortunate enough to get a job at Who's Who Worldwide Registry, Inc., where my job was to interview America's corporate and institutional elite: chairmen of the board, presidents, CEO's, think tank wizards, and so many other phenomenal people. Many of my subjects were self-made millionaires: approximately 1,200 of the several thousand corporate and institutional leaders that I interviewed. Now before you think that's a high number, please remember that here in America, we have produced, from 1992 to 1997, an average of

1642 NEW millionaires
This adds up to 11,499 new millionaires pr week,
46,000 new millionaires per month,
600,000 new millionaires PER YEAR,
on average, every year.


Then, in 1998, we produced a whopping 800,000 new millionaires.

In 1999, more than one million Americans became millionaires.


Is it your turn now? You and only you can answer that question. Without a doubt, the opportunities are present.
Never in history has an economy been so rich with opportunity. Indeed it is your turn. 

According to the IRS, we now have 6.9 MILLION millionaires in America;
5.5 million of whom reported an
annual income of a million or more dollars!!

In the summer of 1998, New York Newsday's front cover proclaimed a story about
"The Millionaires Among Us," describing how little Suffolk County, NY had more than 20,000 residents who claimed an income of one million or more dollars just for 1997 alone. Next door, in Nassau County, more than 40,000 county residents reported to the IRS an income of one million or more dollars, JUST FOR 1997 alone.

Approximately 69 of every 100 new millionaires do it through a "home-based effort" of four or more hours per week.

If this is not enough to compel your attention, it's time for you to leave this web page, & go back to your presumably happy life. Otherwise, perhaps you should continue, hm?






 Life's Lovelier Shortcuts

If you wish to make magic happen in your life in as little as 22 days or so, you certainly can. Not only have I done so, hundreds of my students have done so. At risk of offending you, I've given away more money than you've earned in your life.... And because there's a number on my days, I suffer the ultimately selfish desire to be remembered as an effective coach and counselor in the arena of human peak performance. With an average of 10,000-plus new U.S. millionaires per week for five hundred consecutive weeks and beyond, we believe it's realistic to increase our millionaire population by just a few percentage points... which translates into many thousands of new millionaires. We're inviting you to participate.


More than a dozen surgeons told me that a consequence of being hit by a drunken driver at more than 100 MPH meant life in a wheelchair. Doctor after doctor said the same thing. Eight long years later, it was particularly thrilling to ride the first of my motorcycles to the Dep't of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of registering it. Many doctors and surgeons were proven wrong by NOT living the rest of my life in a wheelchair. This proves yet again that conventional wisdom is not at all the great source of solutions that some folks might want you to believe. Christopher Reeves was told to give up and die when he hit his head being thrown off a horse. Vinny Pacienza, paralyzed with horrible injuries to his neck and spine, could have listened to all those multimillionaire surgeons who told him he'd never walk or sit up again. Three years after his accident, he won the world championship in his weight class for boxing!! He had no time for naysayers. He understood Henry Ford's admonition that people who say they can, and people who say they cannot are always right.

I'm grateful to have been credited with breaking or shattering more than 170 production records at seven sizable NY companies (truth is, I didn't break all those records, WE broke all those records. The single most important tool used was a simple rule: "Never walk in the door as if it's just another day. We expect you to walk in every day ABSOLUTELY ON FIRE TO PROJECT ELECTRIFYING ENTHUSIASM." In return for this attitude, each person demonstrating this attitude received fifty to eighty percent salary raises, firing everyone else.

In terms of guitar, piano, languages, art... ... many people thought I went from idiot to genius. Simple truth is, I tapped into the identical shortcuts being used by so many hundreds of these extraordinary human beings I was interviewing for Who's Who Worldwide.


The excuses are finished. No more reasons "why you can't." Again, Henry Ford:

"Think you can, think you can't;
either way... you're right!!"


Now it's YOUR turn to excel.

I ask you to begin by accepting that this will require a minimum of one percent of your time.... every day.... for as long as it takes.
This means 14.4 minutes per day.... every day.
It means doing some writing, maybe just a bit more than you have been; we begin here.


From the mouths of inordinately successful people,
instant improvements ARE realistic, with a realistic plan.

Tell me, what would thrill you in your life?

 Why not print out the next couple of pages, and answering these questions to,
and strictly FOR yourself.... For your eyes only....


What would it take to get YOU to

whoop and holler?


Go ahead: __________________________________

Humor me here: When do you want it by? __________________


  • If you were experiencing a crisis so serious you'd even resort to asking for help from people you'd never have thought to go to: cousins, friends, old teachers, associates in particular organizations... what I want you to do in the next 30 seconds is name 5 to 10 people you could conceivably go to for help. Now, NOW, NOW!!!

____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________

NAME 4 organizations or agencies who could possibly help out:
(You can always add to this list later, right?)

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________


We come to the most important question of all: Why do you want it?

One of the most profound truths you will ever ever ever encounter in your life:

It's already happened to you: think of every time you've had an unexpected deadline to meet, such as raising cash for insurance payment, car, rent; preparing for a test or presentation. "DUE TOMORROW?! WHAT REPORT?!"

You had no idea how you're going to raise that money, or get to that city, get the report done in 3 days, or whatever. You scramble your brain thinking of people who can help you, how you can block out the time to do it. When the reason is urgent enough, you somehow manage to pull it off, don't you? Icing on the cake: you manage to pull it off 90+% of the time, don't you? Getting that gift, raising the rent on time, medical fees, dental, auto insurance. Every time you hit that crisis, you find a way to survive it, don't you? If it's important enough, our emotions are involved. Then, we always find 'how' to get it done. Simply transfer that urgency to any desire you writing!

Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed.

Whoooooah!!! Huge, truly huge power in that sentence.
Raw power that I can use in the next 100 minutes of my life. Hmm.
Whaddya say, Champ?
Why not live a life that's filled with passion, and excitement... and feeling exceptionally good?

Today's a great day to be excellent, and get some of that internal recognition that tastes so sweeeeeet, yes? Today!!

Ladies & gentlemen, when you come to understand the previous paragraph, I unconditionally promise that your income, or any other results you're pursuing in this life, will double within 100 days or so.

We realize you already think you understand it.

Let's just say that the 7th or 8th or 20thtime you read it aloud, you'll have more immediate power at your disposal. I had a dream of interviewing thousands of self-made millionaires. I had 32 questions to ask each of them. At Who's Who Worldwide I got to do exactly that, 7 to 30 times pr day for 50 weeks. These folks understand that you can create an incredibly excellent feeling in your heart and mind in these next few minutes.!! A great mood is only seconds away!! Do you have the brains to tap into this power? Please,don't tell me: Show me. REMEMBER: Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed. At all times, your mood is determined by you...exclusively.

Why are you walking around feeling so unrewarded & unfulfilled? Your life's going so great? If it is, seeya later. If you still have a dream or two, what's the cost of bringing it out and taking a look at it? If all of your dreams are gone, you should lay down and die. If you're willing to take a look at what would really really thrill you all the way, I'm telling you that you can join the 481,000 millionaires who live here in America. Oh, I'm sorry; did I write '481,000'? Forgive me: we have 10
GROUPS of 481,000 millionaires here in the U.S.!! They dared to dream, put in writing what they wanted, and how they thought they could go about getting it.
Then, they took some action, however small, EVERY DAY!!

Within 7 to 10 days, you will see so many areas of your life improving that you'll be excited about going for the full 21 days. We already know from repeated study of thousands of superstars in a variety of fields, that when you put your dreams or goals on paper every day for 21 days, reading them aloud at least two times per day with enthusiasm, you will find yourself, within 21 days (!!!!) closer to your life's sweetest dreams... than you have gotten in all the years of your life all put together, and you'll very quickly understand how we can make such a powerful claim.

You need not take my word for it, or eat of thousands of supersuccessful athletic stars, business stars, authors, Olympians, and so many many other Winners. 21 days. See for yourself. Only 5 to 7% of you have the brains to actually put your goals on paper. To you, I welcome you to the Circle of Winners. Whatever level you are at now, I promise you, within 21 days you'll be grinning & happy. Again, don't take anyone's word for it?:
Shut up, and do it. You WILL be very glad you did...WITHIN 3 weeks from today.

Just play pretend for 15 minutes pr writing. That's it!!!

Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed.


 Precisely what do I want? __________________________________

  • By when? __________________
  • What specific emotions will I feel when I actually achieve this desire? ______________________________
  • What will I personally receive from achieving this desire? _______________________________________

If I were paid $2,000 cash to write down the 1st two steps, or $25,000 for the first 4 steps, they'd be:

____________________________________ _____________________________________

____________________________________ _____________________________________

 If the only way to get lifesaving medication was based on my doing this, what can I do in the next 12 hours, or ee next 100 minutes to bring me just one step closer?



Just pipe down and do it EVERY DAY. I promise you, in days, you'll be much better off, with less stress than you have today. Unconditionally Guaranteed.

As always,
what you DO
speaks so loudly

you need not say a word....y'see, the roar of your actions tends to drown out your words.
It really is true, my friend: what you do speaks so loudly I can't hear a word you're saying


Compliments of EASY STREET, USA © Steve Rubin











The richest land, in the richest era in history. Each year, more than THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND people in America become millionaires!! Four million Americans double or triple their income. Opportunity in thousands and thousands of different arenas. So why do most of us settle for such average results? When did we stop dreaming big dreams? Worse, at what insidious point in time did we stop believing in dreams?

Who wouldn't laugh at Ben Rich, when he came up with a "design" in the 1970's for an invisible airplane? Would YOU believe in such a silly dream? Not many people did. One powerful man who DID believe in what Ben presented him with was in charge of allocating money to military aircraft research (A man who went on to become US Secretary of Defense).

Money was invested, and many years of research and development were required... including many dozens of 'failures.' Ben Rich never stopped believing in his dream. In 1990, the value of his dream, and the persistence to make it reality, was magnified through 43 consecutive days and nights of selective, near-surgically-precise bombing in Iraq... without a single F-117 Stealth Fighter being shot down -- even in the face of massive anti-aircraft barrages, where the skies were lit with explosions!!. The reason none of those F-117's were shot down? Opposition radar never once picked up these Stealth fighters. Electronically speaking, they were invisible!

My point? Dreams are invariably "impossible" to those who don't share the dream. People who are unwilling to pursue their own dream are mighty quick to knock the efforts of those who dare to dream, and dare to take the smaller, necessary steps to make that dream a fact of life. Remember that the people who knock YOUR dream are losers... especially if the person knocking it happens to belong to the face you see in the mirror.




Isn't there SOMETHING you'd still like to do in your life? Is the rest of your life nothing more than punching a clock, making it from payday to payday? Are you able to bank at least two paychecks per month as "free & clear savings," above & beyond your expenses & pleasure spending? If not, it may be time to take a look, hmm? I know, I know, you've got dozens of so-called "reasons" for not really tapping into the Giant that's inside of you. Frankly, I'm not interested in hearing them, nor do I know ANYONE who's interested in listening to your excuses... except for other excuse-makers, who will be quick to commiserate with your "reasons," & quick to agree with you. Well, no one's ever excused his or her way to success.


Time to stop whining, complaining, bitching, griping, Moaning, groaning. Ugh, what depressing & offensive words. Wouldn't you rather be excited, enthusiastic,


You've solved emergencies before...

when it was important enough to you.

What's important to you now?


Stop making excuses. Enough already, hm? Today's date is separate from every other date in your life, and mine. Only a fool would waste a day. Then again, maybe you have something more important to do today.

Whatever you do in the next hour will tell us clearly what you stand for, & who you are....

JC Penney:
"Show me a stock clerk with a goal,
I'll show you a man who'll make history.

Show me a man without a goal,
I'll show you... ... a stock clerk."

 © Steve Rubin  


Current Events

  "There is, I think, an essential difference of character in mankind, between those who wish to do, and those who wish to have certain things. I observe person expressing a great desire to possess fine horses, hounds, dress, etc, and an envy of those who have them. I myself have no such feeling, nor the least ambition to shine, except by doing something better than others. I have the love of power, but not of property. I should like to be able to outstrip a greyhound in speed; but I should be ashamed to take any merit to myself from possessing the fleetest greyhound in the world. I cannot transfer my personal identity from myself to what I merely call mine. The generality of mankind are contented to be estimated by what they possess, instead of what they are." 

William Hazlitt 1778-1830




Power In A Single Day

Three HUNDRED and twenty-eight THOUSAND new millionaires in 1998 in the U.S., with more expected in 1999.

How do you think a group of young blacks responded to another 15-yr old black kid who couldn't shoot a foul shot? They laughed him off the court. After a second pitful tryout, & much begging, the coach agreed to guarantee him a spot on the following year's team IF THE KID agreed to meet him every morning at 7 am to learn... for the full year.

Years later, in 1997 ALONE, that kid added 78 MILLION dollars to his huge fortune: Michael "Air" Jordan.


If you examine HOW these people get wealthy, one fact is revealing: Lottery millionaires, plus lawsuit millionaires, AND athletic millionaires AND entertainment millionaires, get this: ALL ADDED UP TOGETHER, represent less than one full percent of all our US millionaires!! America now has 23 million home-based businesses (which contributed approx 234 billion dollars to the 1997 economy).

USA ALONE: How many? 4,800 groups of 1,000 millionaires each; AND 192 of the world's 473 known billionaires!!  


How do these people do it? I asked 100, & 200, and finally twelve hundred, one by one, how they did it. I kept hearing the same answers over & over again. Surprisingly, few said, "hard work." The most common answers were so simple as to be way beyond 90% of the world. 9 out of 10 people who read these words are smart enough to know exactly what to do & how to do it. They are also far too.... profoundly stupid to act upon the information they already possess. Those who act... are the wisest of all: they strike out more, as did Babe Ruth & Hank Aaron.

They also hit more home runs. Walt Disney went bankrupt 5 times BEFORE Disneyland. A general who lost every major battle managed to become the father of this country. A cleaning lady on welfare paid attention to a book that told her to glorify her weakest point. People had always made fun of her looks. She got off welfare & got filthy rich making fun of herself: Phyllis Diller. You yourself have pulled off near-miracles when you've had to. Is this not true? You've always figured out how when necessary, especially urgent bills, rent, etc., right?

They all had an identical first step:
They were able to describe with exquisite precision what they wanted.

And that's exactly how YOU pulled your proverbial fat out of the fire, right? You really CAN!!

 Most of 1200 millionaires I personally interviewed have written notes on what they were going for.
Then they
asked for what they wanted more than anyone else they knew. THEY ASKED.
Almost 400 of these millionaires claimed that they made a habit of asking more questions, better ones.

No matter who you are or what you're doing, there is literally a 90% chance that you're not performing at your best.

This is a clear challenge to you. Losers complain about what they don't have. Winners shut up, list what they want, and ask ask ask ask ask. Sounds as if the outcome is dependent on the quality of question. "Does this mean that if I ask myself a dozen better questions today, I am guaranteed to have a boost in results?" Yes, every single time.

After years of defining loserhood, I've had a dozen childhood dreams come true,

I've given away more than you earn, & I'm telling you that I do this through the use of shortcuts.


Powerful powerful shortcuts.


No, not my shortcuts. I simply ask 25 questions of superwinners in every field I wish to excel in. By the time I ask those 25 questions of 10 and 15 and 30 master guitarists, I now know the same few shortcuts that these masters took years & years to learn. I can now outplay 99% of the world as a lead guitarist. You can, too.



You are now living in the single richest land in the single richest era in the history of this planet. A new millionaire every 2 minutes in the US!

37 new millionaires every single hour after hour after hour....
And the vast majority do it through some HOME-BASED effort!!!!!!!


If you start looking, this very hour, for the benefit or opportunity that exists in every single event of your life, within a few days from today you will bang into one of the ten or twenty great opportunities that come in a lifetime.

Read this assurance with attention:

within a few days from today you will bang into one of the ten or twenty
great opportunities that come in a lifetime

You are at this very moment creating many different thoughts. I hope that you will not be in the 90%, and ask the same old mediocre, quotidian questions. 10% of us ask better questions, & boy, do we kick ass!! Dare to ask yourself MORE questions, BETTER QUESTIONS, starting in the next 60 seconds.

 Please...please don't tell us what you can do.

Show us what you can do.

Better yet, show the face in your mirror.


90% of the people who read these words are smart enough to know exactly what to do and how to do it. They are also far too profoundly stupid to act upon the information they already possess. Too stupid to sit down & make a list of what they want, & who to ask. Ten percent are smart enough to stop talking, right now... ...& get busy.

Those who act upon information... are the wisest of all.


They also tend to have
more smiles
more toys

Now please close your mouth, open up your wonderful mind, & create just one question in the next minute that will bring you closer today to whatever you want delivered to your door tomorrow. Right now....PRECISELY WHAT DO I WANT?


Losers talk about it; winners do it. The funny part is: it only takes 15 minutes per day, x 100 days. That's more than enough to change your world for the better forever. Forever.

Whether you're a winner or loser, smart or stupid, I guess the next 24 hrs will tell, hm?



© Steve Rubin


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